Vehicle restrictions lifted in central Athens




 There will be no restrictions on vehicles entering central Athens as of Friday and through September 29, the Traffic Police said Thursday.

The restrictions are enforced every year and are designed to reduce traffic congestion in downtown Athens.

According to the system, vehicles with license plates ending in even numbers can only enter the downtown area on even days, while those ending in odd numbers can do so on odd days.

Restrictions are lifted as the number of cars circulating in the city drops due to the start of the peak summer holiday period.



Planning a trip with us means …

We’ve been missing for some time now ! But please excuse us, as we are up to our ears in work planning trips from beginning to end, dealing with Bookings, City and Food Tours, Guided Tours, Cruises and Transfers, finding new Routes and trying to find the best for each an every one of you individually.

Our reward is the positive feedback we are getting and the two Embassies that started recommending us to their visitors !!!
You and your family, relatives, loved ones, and friends, deserve the best !!!
Book your vacation, trip, excursion, weekend now !!! 




As the first whole trips we planned have come to and end, this is the feedback we are getting:


“Hola Katerina and Aristotelis
Katerina and Aristotelis were recommended to our family to plan our holiday in Greece.  We traveled to Athens because it was our son’s dream vacation. Since our initial email we received precise and timely information on places to visit based on our request. Katerina and Aristotelis took personal ownership and treated us as family.  From the “Sharing the Athens we Love” Walking Tour in Athens, restaurants, and constant communication to make sure our needs were being met. The tour guides Katerina selected were wonderful, we are especially impressed with Ms. Angeliki who is a college professor and took us on a one on one walking tour to the Archeological Museum and the Acropolis.

The highlight of our holiday was the driver, Dimitri.  He took personal ownership and we especially appreciate the non-tourist locations (Planeterio & Lebadeia) and restaurants we visited.

It was a well-balanced schedule and there’s no way to beat our last day in Greece; a trip to the Poseidon Temple to enjoy another wonderful Greek sunset prior heading to the airport.  Thank you !”

Warm regards, Jeanne & Tom


“Dear Katerina & Aris, thank you so much for your superb service !!! I have never had such a relaxed land vacation !. ALL THE BEST,
Tina and Family”


“I have been meaning to email and send you a thank you – Toby, Gracie and Annabelle absolutely loved their trip to Athens. Even their teachers have said how they have returned so knowledgeable on Greek mythology!
Thank you again and again for your time. Juliana




Planning a trip with us, means we are in charge of the overall preparation, info, suggestions and bookings of your particular tailor made trip – no ready-made packages. Furthermore, we are always available from your arrival to your departure, to assist you, solve any problems that might arise and help you make your holiday a memorable one. Needless to say that we will always be one step ahead to check out everything is running as planned, and ready to adapt to any unforeseen changes, making sure your holiday will be your best ever !






SHARING the Athens WE LOVE with YOU !#1

PEOPLE LOVE our Tours & Walks … we LOVE THEM too!



We started the tour by climbing up from Dion.-Aeropagitou to Anafiotika

What’s this plant?

Do you know how Lecabettus Hill was made?

How a 1870 building can host modern art.

Old Greek ads and posters.

Spice and herbs kingdom

A touch of red!

Dried pepper kingdom

A small chapel with fantastic icons.

Reaching the Central Market.

The fishmonger of our hearts is recommending fish that…

“Barba-Mitsos” grilled for us.

“No diet” day!

PLEASE NOTE THAT: The itinerary is never prefabricated as flexibility is our motto !

We absolutely loved our trip to Athens !!!


“I have been meaning to email and send you a thank you – Toby, Gracie and Annabelle absolutely loved their trip to Athens. Even their teachers have said how they have returned so knowledgeable on Greek mythology!
Thank you again and again for your time.” Juliana

You and your family, relatives, loved ones, and friends, deserve the best !!!
Book your “Sharing the Athens we Love” Walking City Tour or “Sharing the Flavors we Love” Food Tour NOW !!!



Walking Tour and a Sing Song in Athens


Walking Tour In Athens


Although I have lived in Athens for nearly 4 months now, I know that I have barely scratched the surface in terms of what there is to see and do. Certainly, my current series on museums in Athens is helping me to see one side of it, but finding the time to work, blog, and get out and about more is a difficult balancing act. Except when you can go on a tour with the Travel Bloggers Greece group though – then you get to do it all at once, with huge doses of pleasure as well!
The walking tour in Athens was organised by Katerina and Aristotelis of Livin Lovin, who cater to a predominantly ex-pat clientele. Starting off at the Acropolis metro, we strolled through some side streets, stopping off at a few interesting places, until we got to our ‘surprise’…

text & photo source/read more: via:



Katerina Tsitsipi, Aristotelis Makris
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“A family vacation that will go down as our favorite vacation ever”

This trip was for our daughter’s 16th birthday. When we reached out to our Livin’ Lovin’ we gave them a list of things our daughter (huge Greek mythology fan) wanted to see and do and then asked for recommendations to make it happen.



We have a 16 and 12 year old children and any family that has traveled overseas knows that after the 2nd or 3rd day looking at sites the kids really just want to go to the beach or the pool. Never once did our kids ask for either and I have to contribute this to our guides.



Our guides (Xenia in Athens, Georgia in Delphi, and Sofia in Peloponnese), were there waiting for us at the met up time and were so patient with our kids. Our son asked question after question and each time a question was asked it was answered with a high level energy that our son kept looking for more questions to ask. Our great guides asked the kids questions also to keep them engaged and when it came to telling the background stories of the Greek gods they looked to our daughter to tell the story and then praised her for her detailed explanation of each.



When our guides saw an interest in something they were showing from one of the children you saw them explain it further and in greater detail with pictures, books, and maps they brought with them.



Our “behind the scenes” tour of Athens was exactly the same. We wanted to see and do things outside a normal tourist would see so we could have a chance to “understand” Greece. The passion and pride Katerina showed when talking about the architect of the houses or how a specific area of the city was being reconstructed was intoxicating. She knew exactly where she was taking us and told her such small details about the history of paintings that were done on hidden on a staircase, how houses that were built into the mountain, and even how “street taggers” art was part of the city and made it special (ask her about a dog that was killed accidentally by police and the mural of him). 



The whole trip was with guides who were knowledgeable, engaging, empathic (when the kids needed a break out of the hot sun), and flexible. Every suggestion they made was spot on and they made not only our daughter’s 16th birthday special but a family vacation that will go down as our favorite vacation ever. 




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“Asclepieion of Epidaurus: a timeless journey to health”

Our next event will give you a new perspective of Guided Tours:


“Asclepieion of Epidaurus:

a timeless journey to health”


(The theater and entertainment as means of the healing process)


EPIDAVROS 0005-Front


In ancient times the sanctuary of Asclepius was an organized medical – treatment center that signaled the transition from magic to real medicine, namely the healing of any disease by diagnosing and implementing tailor-made treatment or surgery, which was believed to be guided by God.

In our continuous efforts to enrich our  knowledge of the Ancient Greek history and culture, and offer you the very best we are proud and honoured to announce our cooperation with Diazoma, one of the most prestigious organizations dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Ancient Greek Theatres.

A few words about Diazoma from its founder S. Benos:

diazoma…”At once I found myself surrounded by an enthusiastic and dynamic group of people, which widened in the blink of an eye. All of them, ‘as one long prepared…’ Scholars, intellectuals, artists, people in local government and pro-active citizens embraced ‘DIAZOMA’. Fellow-citizens who have decided that the research, study, protection, enhancement and, wherever feasible, the use of ancient theatres and other venues for spectators and listeners, such as ancient odeia and stadia, are also their concern. And they are resolved to take these monuments’ fortunes into their own hands, to work together dynamically, as helpers of the State and the services responsible, in the major task of including ancient theatres in modern life”.

…”And it is my hope that ‘DIAZOMA’ will be an Association that expresses a new way of thinking, of dealing with and managing affairs that concern us all. An Association that mobilizes both Citizens and State”

 Stavros BenosPresident

read more about DIAZOMA.   VIDEO about the Asclepieion of Epidaurus


Our first adventure with Diazoma will be a visit at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus like we’ve never seen before:

Professor Lambrinoudakis*, member of the society of Diazoma, will tell us about:


– The theater and entertainment in general as means of treating mental illness

– Water as a means of ritual cleansing of the soul and healing element.

 – Diet as a means of healing. 

– Sleeping and dreams as elements of treatment.

– The use of medicines  

– Interventional 

– surgical medicine. 

– Healing and Miracle. 

– The practice of sports as an element of conservation and restoration of health.




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A weekend of touring

After a week of planning, e- mailing and meetings, a weekend of touring, meeting nice people, and giving our best.
Life is good !

On Saturday: “Sharing the Athens We Love” tour


On Sunday: A day trip to Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon



Katerina Tsitsipi, Aristotelis Makris
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“Dear KaterinaAristotelis,
Thank you for organising wonderful holiday for Lalita and me. You were not only informative and so detailed but also thoughtful and ensuring our trip to Greece, even after we left Athens. Aris ensuring that we saw everything that was worth seeing in Hydra and Crete, and constantly keeping touch, made us feel special and was so very helpful.

Love you two so much ……

Highly recommend anyone travelling to Greece, take the walking tour with Katerina …. she will show you Athens in one afternoon that would otherwise take you days to discover and see …. and of course the very best of restaurants….”


Please allow me to inform you that except for activities, tours and events, we also help our clients with the whole planning (the coordination and with all the necessary bookings) of their trips from scratch, allowing them to enjoy their most relaxed, enjoyable and memorable vacation ever !!! All our tours and events are tailor made, adapted to each group’s interests, likes, needs, budget, time, even professions, as we do not have any ready prefabricated packages.
We always offer our clients the very good and value for money prices we manage to get, due to our long cooperation with all kinds of companies in our field (hotels, car rentals, guided tours, all kinds of transfers and for various other services).
What differentiates us from others is that except for the preparation planning, booking and coordinating your trip from scratch to every little detail, we will “accompany you” throughout your trip. We will always be available from the arrival to your departure to assist you, solve any problems that might arise, and will always be one step ahead to check out everything is running as planned, will be flexible and ready to adapt to any unforeseen changes ie weather, strikes, insuring your holiday will be a memorable one.






Distinguished EPITAFIOS in Athens

Some of you are going to be in Athens during Easter, so we thought it would be nice if you knew where to find the most picturesque and traditional Epitafios (a procession of the icons and the coffin of Jesus Christ around the streets of the district).


It ‘s always on Good Friday evening, usually around 8 or 9, except the Monastery of Kaisariani where it takes place 2 – 2:30 in the afternoon through the forest.
So, the most beautiful are in Plaka, at the churches of Agia Aikaterini (starts at 19.30)
and Metohi Panagiou Tafou in Erextheos str.(starts at 19.00).
Other churches where the Epitafios are special and have beautiful choirs are: Kapnikarea church on Ermou street, Agios Georgios Karytsis with singers from the National Opera in Karytsi square, Agia Eirini on Aiolou street and, more quiet and peaceful, Agios Dimitrios in Plaka (7, Epimenidou street).
Another idea is the monasteries of Pendeli, Agios Ioannis Kynigos in Agia Paraskevi.
Remember to have candles with you (brown for Friday, white or a decorated or plain white one for Saturday) and enjoy it with all your heart!

What follows on the video is perhaps the most beautiful hymn of the Greek Orthodox Church.

It’s the mourning of Virgin Mary for her dead son. Although it may sound strange to you, try to listen to it, especially after 4.25”. The singer is a very young traditional music singer, but her performance in Byzantine music is remarkable.  We would love to hear some of your impressions.