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Strikes & Work stoppages in Greece UPDATED!
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LATEST UPDATE 14/01, 10:00
On Monday 15/01, only Taxis and Proastiakos (Suburban Train) will be running as usual. All the other Public Transport Means announced  24 – hour strikes ! EEEKE (Air Traffic Controllers’ Asssociation of Greece):  work stoppage from 12:00 to 15:00.  During the work stoppage there will be no flights to and from the Greek airports. 
Stay tuned !!! . #expats #expatliving #expatlife #livingabroad #makingAdifference
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Enlightenment, more needed than ever !!!
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The day is celebrated all over Greece with the priest throwing the cross
into the sea, a river, a lake or any body of water near…

Our Warmest Wishes


Christmas Customs in Greece
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our customs are quite interesting and some of them date back into history.
Let’s see some of them:

It’s That Time Of The Year !!!

Updated every week until Christmas

Athens Transport e-Tickets and e-Cards |

Everything you need to know about Athens Transport e-Tickets and e-Cards !
The Ath.ena Ticket, The personalized Ath.ena Card, The anonymous Ath.ena Card
tickets to the Athens Airport, A very helpful and informative post not only for residents but for visitors and tourists

The buried statues of war

During a period of six months prior to the German invasion of Greece a group of workers and archaeologists was digging the floors of the National Archeological Museum to bury Athens’s most valuable treasures: its Kouroi and Lekythoi.

Μιλάτε Ελληνικά ; (do you speak Greek?)

When people ask you “μιλάτε ελληνικά;” (do you speak Greek) ,what do you say? ***   You can ask, of course, “do you speak English?” and, most of the times, get “yes” for an answer. HOWEVER : why not learn one of the most ancient languages of the world, and discover the roots of many words, […]

“Passage into History” Nemea Tour with Professor S. Miller.
Archaeological Tours out of Athens | Livin' and Lovin' it in Greece |

…We didn’t want him to stop talking, but eventually he did. It’s always an experience to become
part of such an exceptional person’s dream !…
Now guess what our next plan is ! We will organise our support and participation
in the Nemean Games of June 2016, so stay tuned.

More events

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Now, whenever everything goes wrong one day, you know why!
Put the blame on the Kalikantzari

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If someone rings your doorbell early in the morning of 24, 31 December or 5 January, don’t think it’s a naughty neighbor determined to wake you up, it will probably be children singing the “calanda”, the Greek Christmas carols

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In Athens & Thessaloniki Christmas Shopping hours begin on Friday December 15


A Visual Journey into the Olive Groves of Crete


“DisabledBook”, the first social networking media for people with disabilities, which is dedicated to offering people who are blind, deaf or handicapped the opportunity to use a platform that works very easily like “Facebook”.


New Dance Class in ENGLISH
For Beginners. REGISTER NOW !
Do NOT miss this opportunity ! |

Here is a good number of them where the water is considered extremely good and healing for the body. Almost all of them are in places of great beauty, green and quite serene… |

New Athens transport ticket prices take effect.
Charts with all new ticket prices for all public Transportstion Means
A very helpfull and informative website not only for residents but for
visitors and tourists as well.

Benaki Museum Educational Programme Departmen | Benaki museum Pireos str. |

The goal is to offer visitors an opportunity to learn how a historical workshop functioned; follow every step involved in silk processing and the crafting of masterpieces out of thread, for which the company was renowned.

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