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Strikes & Work stoppages in Greece UPDATED!
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Latest Update 28/02/17, 08:00. REMINDER: Two 24 – hour strike of the Attiko Metro (Lines Blue and Red), Electric Railways (Green Line) and the Tram this week. Daily Updates, Info will be constantly updated.

Clean Monday: the tradition, the food, the wine pairing
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So how do you “dress” the Clean Monday table with suitable wine? Well, it’s easier than you’d think…
by Ted Lelekas, published on:

The Greek Lenten Table

Thinking of Lent as a period of culinary significance might seem ironic–after all the Fast is meant as a period of spiritual and physical cleansing…

Carnival in Greece: GAITANAKI (dance)
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One person is holding a wooden pole with 12 ribbons hanging from its top. The ribbons have different colours and every person is holding a ribbon.

Carnival or Apokries in Greece
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This festival dates back to Dionyssus,
the ancient Greek god of wine and fun …

Greek Dance Classes in English

New Dance Class in ENGLISH
For Beginners. REGISTER NOW !
Do NOT miss this opportunity !

Disabledbook: “Facebook” for the Disabled

“DisabledBook”, the first social networking media for people with disabilities, which is dedicated to offering people who are blind, deaf or handicapped the opportunity to use a platform that works very easily like “Facebook”.

A challenging “Sharing the Athens We Love” Tour
"Sharing the Athens We Love" Tour |

You and your family, relatives and friends deserve the best

The buried statues of war

During a period of six months prior to the German invasion of Greece a group of workers and archaeologists was digging the floors of the National Archeological Museum to bury Athens’s most valuable treasures: its Kouroi and Lekythoi.


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From 09/01 to 28/02/2017
On Sunday January 15th shop owners may also choose to open their shops from 11:00 to 18:00

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The guided tour at the Ancient Agora was one of the most interesting and successful tours…
…After the tour, we went to the food festival at Technopolis Gazi,

Greek Travel Pages GTP |

Hefty Admission Rate Hikes at Greek Museums
We’ll update you when all prices are officially announced |

Here is a good number of them where the water is considered extremely good and healing for the body. Almost all of them are in places of great beauty, green and quite serene… |

New Athens transport ticket prices take effect.
Charts with all new ticket prices for all public Transportstion Means
A very helpfull and informative website not only for residents but for
visitors and tourists as well.

Benaki Museum Educational Programme Departmen | Benaki museum Pireos str. |

The goal is to offer visitors an opportunity to learn how a historical workshop functioned; follow every step involved in silk processing and the crafting of masterpieces out of thread, for which the company was renowned.

monumenta | Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre |

The photographs depict public and private buildings of various functions and diverse architectural styles, as well as the recording program’s history and aspects.
Thursday September 17th – Wednesday September 30th 2015

New York Public Library |

Today we are proud to announce that out-of-copyright materials in NYPL Digital Collections are now available as high-resolution downloads. No permission required, no hoops to jump through: just go forth and reuse!

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