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Strikes & Work stoppages in Greece UPDATED!
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LATEST UPDATE:  06/03/18, 08:00 TAXIS work stoppage
Work stoppage and 24-hour strike of the OSE and the Proastiakos (Suburban Train), on Monday March 5th and Tuesday March 6. Please see “day by day”section for details. (*) Bear in mind that in case of a strike of the OSE & PROASTIAKOS (Suburban) trains the Metro Blue Line 3 goes as far as Doukissis Plakendias metro station and NOT to the Athens International Airport. Stay tuned !!! . #expats #expatliving #expatlife #livingabroad #makingAdifference
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Martis or Martia
Livin' and Lovin' it in Greece |

… You are supposed to wear it during the whole month and then, when the first swallows are back ,..

Walking Tour and a Sing Song in Athens
"Sharing the Athens We Love" Tour | Can we have a piece of your mind ? |

When does a walking tour turn into a sing song? When you take a tour in Athens with Livin Lovin, along with fellow bloggers from Travel Bloggers Greece!vi

Planning a trip with us …

I have never had such a relaxed land vacation !

A new cooperation that will change your perspective of guided tours

…At once I found myself surrounded by an enthusiastic and dynamic group of people, which widened in the blink of an eye. All of them, ‘as one long prepared…’ Scholars, intellectuals, artists, people in local government and pro-active citizens embraced ‘DIAZOMA’. Fellow-citizens who have decided that the research, study, protection, enhancement and, wherever feasible, the use of ancient theatres and other venues for spectators and listeners, such as ancient odeia and stadia, are also their concern…

"Meet the Greek products" |

This is part of our “Meet the Greek products” visits which we’ve organized for the English speaking community “Newcomers in Athens”, as well as for the French community “Athènes Accueil”.

“Partagez notre amour pour Athènes”

Un superbe petit tour dans le vieux Athènes…

Everything, from hats to needles and beads !!!

… We visited the area with very old small shops, where you can buy anything from hats to needles and beads ! …


More events


Yesterday evening, as we were driving back home, we received an urgent call from a client and friend,…


“I wanted to sincerely thank you for a very special day today. Katerina, you were so generous with your knowledge, time and energy – it was an AMAZING introduction to Athens…. |

Everything you need to know about Athens Transport e-Tickets and e-Cards !
The Ath.ena Ticket, The personalized Ath.ena Card, The anonymous Ath.ena Card
tickets to the Athens Airport, A very helpful and informative post not only for residents but for visitors and tourists

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We knew Plaka – no, we THOUGHT we knew Plaka!
Or better, we knew A LOT about Plaka, but not all
And then, along came Aristotelis, to disclose secrets…

Little Hidden Gems in Athens | Livin' and Lovin' it in Greece |

Little Hidden Gems in Athens
Saturday March 5th, at 10:45 in the morning.


A Visual Journey into the Olive Groves of Crete

Livin' and Lovin' it in Greece |

..tell them that Greece is not less beautiful, less safe, or less friendly
because of all that awful situation.


An article by Peter Economides !!!

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