Modern Greek authors translated into English

imagemagic.phpNow that outdoors living is not as attractive as it is in the summer, perhaps you would enjoy reading      a good book by the fireplace.  And why not a Greek book ? And why not a Greek book translated into English?

We have chosen here some of the Modern Greek authors that we personally like and our favorite books.

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Our own favorites are:


by: Kostas Mourselas


by: Alki Zei


by Margarita Limberaki


by Stratis Tsirkas


by Menis Koumantareas


by Evgenia Fakinou

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where the greeting “ghia sou” comes from? Well, it comes from the name of the Greek goddess HYGEIA {ΥΓΕΙΑ}, which means “health”. Hygeia was the daughter and attendant of the medicine-god ASKLEPIOS. She had two sisters, Panakeia (all-cure) and Iaso (remedy). Her opposites were the Nosoi (Diseases). In classical sculpture she was represented holding a large serpent in her arms.

Now you see what we really mean when we say ‘ghia sou” and “ghia mas”and “me ghia” when someone is wearing something new? We are wishing “good health”

why is Athens called Athens ??

Today we are going to tell you about the myth of Athena and how she became the patron goddess of Athens. Both she and Poseidon wanted to be the protector god of the city, so the king of Athens Kekrops decided to offer it to whoever gave the city the most useful gift. Poseidon hit a rock with his trident and, AMAZING ….a water fountain sprang from it! Only that …the water was from the sea, salty, therefore quite useless. With his second stroke, he offered a beautiful horse! Next was Athena` s turn: she offers them an olive tree, a much more useful gift, so it is decided to dedicate the city to her.  The Parthenon was dedicated and named after her and the most important celebration of Athens was the Panathenea , which was held every four years. During this celebration the finest young women of the city marched from Elefsina to the Acropolis of Athens, carrying a veil that they had woven during those years to wrap around the huge gold and ivory statue of the saint.

We can now understand better why we see so many olive trees in Greece, can`t we? Olive trees have always been considered blessed since they provide wood, oil, olives, even stones or pits were used for heating during hard times. Speaking of which, do you know where to find the biggest selection of olives in Athens? At the central market near Omonia (Athena’s street, by the way) where you will be able to choose the kind you prefer, if you can make up your mind, which we can never do. Armodiou is the name of the street and you can’t miss it. The nutritional value of olive oil and olives is countless, but this can be the subject of another article.

“Ariadne’s Clue”

Did you know the expression “Ariadne’s clue” ?

Well, Ariadne was King Minos`of  Crete daughter  who fell in love with   Theseus the son of the king of Athens,  Aegeas. Prince Theseus went to Crete to kill the Minotaur who had killed lots of Athens’ finest young men and women. This happened as a penalty from Crete to Athens after the Athenians had lost a war. According to this penalty, Athenians had to send every nine years 14 of their finest young people (seven boys and seven girls) 623px-Cretan-labyrinth-round2.svgto Crete to be eaten by the Minotaur. Many had tried to kill the monster, but in vain because he was hiding in the Labyrinth and there was no way out of  it. Ariadne gave Theseus a ball of string, he tied one end at the entrance and took it with him. So, after killing the Minotaur he was able to find his way out and  save himself  and the other young people. He left the expression “Ariadne’s clue” for us to use when…we have no clue!!

A popular Greek sweet

Today we are going to tell you about… a sweet  !!!  A very tasty and light sweet that is very popular among our foreign friends. It is called  rice pudding (rizogalo in Greek) and, as you can imagine, it is made with milk and rice.The best rizogalo in the northern suburbs can be found in three places,and we guarantee the quality after we have consumed a lot over the years!
at: 5 Kassaveti str. , Kifissia
(Varso’s first pastry shop. Photo taken in 1906)
at: 94 El.Venizelou str. , Nea Erythrea
at: 3 Petriti str. ,Drosia
All three have been around since we remember ourselves and are a dear part of our childhood memories.Visit them and taste all of their products, you will love them.


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Everything, from hats to needles and beads !!!

Another beautiful Walking Tour (“Sharing the Athens we Love”) today with 8 lovely ladies. We visited the area with very old small shops, where you can buy anything from hats to needles and beads ! We were lucky with the weather but not with Estrella Athens where, once more, long queues were waiting ! Next time we hope !!!

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