“Dear KaterinaAristotelis,
Thank you for organising wonderful holiday for Lalita and me. You were not only informative and so detailed but also thoughtful and ensuring our trip to Greece, even after we left Athens. Aris ensuring that we saw everything that was worth seeing in Hydra and Crete, and constantly keeping touch, made us feel special and was so very helpful.

Love you two so much ……

Highly recommend anyone travelling to Greece, take the walking tour with Katerina …. she will show you Athens in one afternoon that would otherwise take you days to discover and see …. and of course the very best of restaurants….”


Please allow me to inform you that except for activities, tours and events, we also help our clients with the whole planning (the coordination and with all the necessary bookings) of their trips from scratch, allowing them to enjoy their most relaxed, enjoyable and memorable vacation ever !!! All our tours and events are tailor made, adapted to each group’s interests, likes, needs, budget, time, even professions, as we do not have any ready prefabricated packages.
We always offer our clients the very good and value for money prices we manage to get, due to our long cooperation with all kinds of companies in our field (hotels, car rentals, guided tours, all kinds of transfers and for various other services).
What differentiates us from others is that except for the preparation planning, booking and coordinating your trip from scratch to every little detail, we will “accompany you” throughout your trip. We will always be available from the arrival to your departure to assist you, solve any problems that might arise, and will always be one step ahead to check out everything is running as planned, will be flexible and ready to adapt to any unforeseen changes ie weather, strikes, insuring your holiday will be a memorable one.






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