This is what lies in the heart of LIVIN’ LOVIN’

As Konstantin Cavafy said in his poem Ithaka,

“hope your road is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery…”


This is what lies in the heart of LIVIN’ LOVIN’.


We aim at providing expats and guests with a profound understanding of Greece, her people, its culture and timeless spirit. In LIVIN’ LOVIN’ we don’t focus simply on showcasing attractive elements of this magnificent country, but rather we show you the way to “live” with these elements, to explore yourself those hidden treasures.


The range of our services is very wide, and is constantly enriched in light of our clients’ needs, demands and emerging trends. We offer a matchless insight on everyday life, shopping, socializing and culture, along with practical tips that solve issues and make life easier. We teach the language and Greek cooking, we plan thematic trips, experiential visits and fun excursions in combination with local festivals, customs and traditions, while we offer a unique perspective on food, wine, local beer, honey and a huge variety of amazing local product tastings. We also organize private cultural tours, events and walks in and out of Athens that reveal to our friends the hidden Athens that we love.


In “LIVIN’ and LOVIN’ it in Greece” we are proud to say that “we know you”, we know what expat really means, the cultural differences, the concerns that might exist along with the enthusiasm to explore and seize the opportunity to learn as much as possible about Greece.


We also know how to build priceless experiences with simple things, beautiful tastes, aromas, colors, sounds, stories, discussions that will become timeless memories.   


Join us in LIVIN’ LOVIN ‘ and let’s take a walk.


Katerina Tsitsipi, Aristotelis Makris
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Languages spoken: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian

Regardless of why and how long you are in Greece for, we are committed to offering a quality of service that will leave you……. LOVIN’ IT !!!