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Strikes & Work stoppages in Greece UPDATED!
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UPDATED Wednesday October 14th
On THURSDAY 15/10/20,
.  Stay Tuned at and Livin’ Lovin’. Read all about the strikes on the day by day section. We will constantly update. Stay tuned at, at our Facebook official Page

Greece Launches 112 Emergency Number

Greece’s General Secretariat for Civil Protection launched this week the single European emergency 112 phone number, which operates on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week and aims to warn residents and visitors of potential dangers, including wildfires. It should be noted that citizens and visitors can and should call (for free) 112 for help or in case of emergency as well as to report fires.
The 112 number can be dialed for free in any EU country to contact emergency services.

Commentaires de nos amis Francophones

Kalispera, Merci beaucoup pour cette très belle journée. Nous sommes sur les genoux mais le cœur plein de bonheur et de très bons souvenirs. Si tous les Grecs sont comme vous, gentils, souriants et évidemment très professionnels, votre pays doit être un avant goût des champs Élysées Bisous Muriel, Mario, Andrea, Rafaele et Antonella   […]

Planning a trip with us means …

Katerina and Aristotelis took personal ownership and treated us as family. From a walking tour in Athens, restaurants, and constant communication to make sure our needs were being met. “Dear Katerina & Aristotelis, thank you so much for your superb service !!!

Walking Tour and a Sing Song in Athens
"Sharing the Athens We Love" Tour | Can we have a piece of your mind ? |

When does a walking tour turn into a sing song? When you take a tour in Athens with Livin Lovin, along with fellow bloggers from Travel Bloggers Greece!vi

“A family vacation that will go down as our favorite vacation ever”

Every suggestion they made was spot on and they made not only our daughter’s 16th birthday special but a family vacation that will go down as our favorite vacation ever.


All our tours and events are tailor made, adapted to each group’s interests, likes, needs, budget, time, even professions, as we do not have any ready prefabricated packages.

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Easter for me has very specific smells that bring back memories from my childhood.

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There will be no restrictions on vehicles entering central Athens as of Friday and through September 29, the Traffic Police said Thursday.

Livin' and Lovin' it in Greece |

PLEASE NOTE THAT: The itinerary is never prefabricated as flexibility is our motto !


… Even their teachers have said how they have returned so knowledgeable on Greek mythology!…
You and your family, relatives, loved ones, and friends, deserve the best !!!


In ancient times the sanctuary of Asclepius was an organized medical – treatment center that signaled the transition from magic to real medicine, namely the healing of any disease by diagnosing and implementing tailor-made treatment or surgery, which was believed to be guided by God.


These controls are conducted in addition to existing measures applied at all border control points of European countries, to all passengers entering or exiting the country to/from Non-Schengen destinations.


Yesterday evening, as we were driving back home, we received an urgent call from a client and friend,…

Archaeological Tours out of Athens | Livin' and Lovin' it in Greece |

…We didn’t want him to stop talking, but eventually he did. It’s always an experience to become
part of such an exceptional person’s dream !…
Now guess what our next plan is ! We will organise our support and participation
in the Nemean Games of June 2016, so stay tuned.


…It’s an old Neoclassical Athinian building, in one of the most beautiful pedestrian roads of Pagrati, Ironda str, that brings back memories of old Athens. Now, the food is another story…


Upon seeing the seriously wounded man on the ground they immediately realized that the Muslim man had slim chances to win the day. So all they could do was to advice his wife to turn to Saint George and prey on him for help…. |

Here is a good number of them where the water is considered extremely good and healing for the body. Almost all of them are in places of great beauty, green and quite serene…

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