so close…and yet so unexplored !

evia-mapIf you feel like taking a bit of fresh air without having to travel for hours, we have the best idea: North Evia.

Within approximately 3 hours at the most, you will find yourself walking among incredibly colorful forests, climbing mountains, driving alongside rivers and creeks, and eventually, facing the Aegean. We have to confide in you that North Evia is where we originally come from and where we’ve spent our holidays for ….ever, so you will have to bear with our enthusiasm. However, trust us. It’s completely justified.

The places we love most this time of the year are Rovies, Limni, and-now and in the summer mostly –Aghia Anna.

n119799788081_2147Limni looks like a picture when you first see it from the little winding road above it. The people there used to be captains and traveled a lot, therefore they were quite well-off and able to build large and beautifully decorated houses, which you can still see in the town. The town overlooks the sea, namely the Gulf of Evia, where the sea is usually calmer than the Aegean on the other side of Evia, but not as clean. (My friends from Limni really hate me now).

A little further up north from Limni lies the lovely seaside village of Rovies.Why we like it? We can’t really say! It isn’t as picturesque as Limni, the sea isn’t as amazing as in Aghia Anna, but we get a sweet and warm feeling when we go there that makes us like it so much. The nature in the area, whether you want to drive or walk, is beautiful. The things you can do are numerous, depending on your hobbies, age, family situation, likes, etc.

If you want us to organize a weekend there for you, contact us and we will be happy to prepare it with you and give you some ideas based on our personal experience and your individual preferences.

One last thing: People who go there the first time, ALWAYS return, so be prepared!!

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