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We’ve been missing for some time now ! But please excuse us, as we are up to our ears in work planning trips from beginning to end, dealing with Bookings, City and Food Tours, Guided Tours, Cruises and Transfers, finding new Routes and trying to find the best for each an every one of you individually.

Our reward is the positive feedback we are getting and the two Embassies that started recommending us to their visitors !!!
You and your family, relatives, loved ones, and friends, deserve the best !!!
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As the first whole trips we planned have come to and end, this is the feedback we are getting:


“Hola Katerina and Aristotelis
Katerina and Aristotelis were recommended to our family to plan our holiday in Greece.  We traveled to Athens because it was our son’s dream vacation. Since our initial email we received precise and timely information on places to visit based on our request. Katerina and Aristotelis took personal ownership and treated us as family.  From the “Sharing the Athens we Love” Walking Tour in Athens, restaurants, and constant communication to make sure our needs were being met. The tour guides Katerina selected were wonderful, we are especially impressed with Ms. Angeliki who is a college professor and took us on a one on one walking tour to the Archeological Museum and the Acropolis.

The highlight of our holiday was the driver, Dimitri.  He took personal ownership and we especially appreciate the non-tourist locations (Planeterio & Lebadeia) and restaurants we visited.

It was a well-balanced schedule and there’s no way to beat our last day in Greece; a trip to the Poseidon Temple to enjoy another wonderful Greek sunset prior heading to the airport.  Thank you !”

Warm regards, Jeanne & Tom


“Dear Katerina & Aris, thank you so much for your superb service !!! I have never had such a relaxed land vacation !. ALL THE BEST,
Tina and Family”


“I have been meaning to email and send you a thank you – Toby, Gracie and Annabelle absolutely loved their trip to Athens. Even their teachers have said how they have returned so knowledgeable on Greek mythology!
Thank you again and again for your time. Juliana




Planning a trip with us, means we are in charge of the overall preparation, info, suggestions and bookings of your particular tailor made trip – no ready-made packages. Furthermore, we are always available from your arrival to your departure, to assist you, solve any problems that might arise and help you make your holiday a memorable one. Needless to say that we will always be one step ahead to check out everything is running as planned, and ready to adapt to any unforeseen changes, making sure your holiday will be your best ever !







Easter for me has very specific smells that bring back memories from my childhood.

All that being said, I can confide in you that Easter smells of violets – understandable! -ammonia, that my mom used in Easter cookies to help them raise -NOT pleasant- and sour orange tree blossoms that bloomed in every neighbourhood,and still do.

 That’s about my Easters in Athens as a child.

Now let’s talk about YOUR Easter in Greece, or better, what we think your Easter in Greece should be like and what you should not miss.
CORFU is famous for having a very artistic and …musical Easter.
On Good Thursday and Good Friday you can attend the mass at the Cathedral – with an organ -, the bands go around the streets playing mournful music, and the procession of Epitafios through the little streets of the old town late in the evening give an air of mysticissm and sanctity. The hymns of Good Friday are my personal favourites!
All that until Saturday morning at 11, when people break pottery by throwing them from the windows, in an attempt to chase THE evil-which is not intimidated at all, as we can all see!!!!
CHIOS island and a lot more, like Kalymnos, are famous for the “rocket war”, a very fierce and loud firework throwing and battle between neighbourhoods.
 Very spectacular, very loud!
HYDRA, this very special island of Argosaronikos, is famous for putting the Epitafios into the sea in order to bless the sea water. Considering that Hydra was a naval society that depended on sea fares and trade, that makes perfect sense.
In the CYCLADES I have my personal favourites:
Paros, and more specifically the Epitafios in Marpissa and Santorini in Pyrgos, one of the most beautiful villages of the island, with the little lanterns on the slope of the rock that light up the whole place.
 What I like about Easter in Crete is -except for the food and the music and dancing that I adore – is the burning of Judas after the resurrection. One big dummy that represents Judas is placed on a bonfire-with a whistle in his…well, backside, and is burned after church with everyone celebrating and the whistle blowing.
Mmmmmm, interesting habit!
.A sweet place, quite near Athens, with small pebble beaches and mountain villages, with a very particular habit:
On Saturday, as soon as the priest announces the resurrection of Jesus -that’s midnight – the sky is filled with paper balloons of various colours that are made by the local people or neighbourhoods. Very spectacular!
The other areas celebrate Easter in their own ways, all very particular and all related to the local habits, customs and traditions. I cannot recommend only one place, there are too many! Remember that Easter is our most important Christian holiday.
So, find your own favourite place, go, enjoy, come back and tell us:

St George the Mandilas at Meteora

St George the Mandilas, the origins of a 300 years old Meteora tradition


photos source:


Saint George was a Greek who became an officer in the Roman army. His father was the Greek Gerondios from Cappadocia Asia Minor and his mother was the Greek Polychronia from the city Lyda. Lyda was a Greek city from the times of the conquest of Alexander the Great (333 BC), now in Israel. He became an officer in the Roman army in the Guard of Diocletian. He is venerated as a Christian martyr.


There are many different customs around Greece honoring Saint George’s memory, but only one that we know of to involve colorful head scarfs, climbing and dancing on the cliffs very edge all at the same time. It takes place on an old ruined monastery dedicated to Saint that was build inside a cave some 40 meters above ground on the north side of a Meteora rock.


There is an old story circulating from mouth to mouth mainly in Kastraki village about the origins of the custom.

In the early 17th century Meteora area like the rest of the Thessaly and most of Greece was under the Ottoman rule. A Muslim landowner and his wife were cutting down some trees next to Saint George’s hermitage. While the Muslim man was chopping down the woods he had an awful accident. The tree he was cutting down fell over him and as a consequence he was badly wounded. His wife immediately upon realizing her husband’s accident she rushed to help him, but she couldn’t do much.


The man lay there on the ground with his wife crying over him when people from the nearby village of Kastraki heard the hopeless screams for help of the injured man’s wife, and so they rushed there to check out what exactly has happened.

Upon seeing the seriously wounded man on the ground they immediately realized that the Muslim man had slim chances to win the day. So all they could do was to advice his wife to turn to Saint George and prey on him for help…



Nicopolis, an unknown massive archaeological site !

Nicopolis – Discover Greece With Dave’s

Travel Pages


Nicopolis is probably the biggest archaeological site in Greece people have never heard of. OK, fair enough, SOME people have heard of Nicopolis, but not many. Is this because it’s really Roman in origin? Is it because it sits quite isolated on the west coast of Greece? Or is it because no-one can decide if they should spell it Nikopolis or Nicopolis? Who Knows?! Come and discover a less known part of Greece with Dave’s Travel Pages…

About Nicopolis

Nicopolis is a massive archaeological site, located near the modern Greek city of Preveza. Unlike many ancient Greek sites, such as Delphi or Mycenae, its name does not appear in Greek myths and legends. In fact, describing it as an ancient Greek site at all is perhaps a little misleading. The reason for this, is that Nicopolis was founded in 31BC by the Roman Octavian to commemorate his victory in the Battle of Actium against Antony and Cleopatra.

The name Nicopolis literally means ‘City of Victory’, but it was far more than that. It was a symbol of a reunified Roman Empire, and was also perfectly positioned as a trade, communication, and transport hub between the Eastern and Western parts of the Mediterranean. This was all fine whilst the Roman Empire was all powerful. At the point that wandering gangs of Goths, Heruli, and other assorted tribes started sacking cities, its isolation was a little more apparent.

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Top day trips from Athens Greece


As a tourist destination, Athens is a city full of cool attractions. From archaeological sites, museums, shops, traditional restaurants and trendy bars to white sand beaches with clear waters. Athens has something for everyone. If you are staying in Athens for a couple of days, it’s worth making a day trip and discover a different part of Greece. Here is a list of the most popular day trips from Athens:


Delphi day trip from Athens


Delphi is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece and home to the famous oracle. Delphi was declared as a World Heritage Center from UNESCO. On your day excursion to Delphi you will have the chance to visit the Temple of Apollo, the ancient theatre and the archaeological museum among other places of interest. On your way to Delphi you can also stop to the nearby village of Arachova, a very popular winter resort.


Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon day trip from Athens

Sounio is located only 69 km away from Athens making it the perfect half day or full day trip from Athens. At Sounio you will have the chance to visit the temple of Poseidon that dates back from 44 BC and admire the incredible view across the Aegean sea. During the summer months you can swim at the crystal clear waters of a nearby beach and have some fresh seafood in a seafront taverna. Don’t forget to admire one of the most magnificent sun sets

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Santorini Holiday Villa

Santorini, the most mythical and striking of all the Greek islands, is one of the top 10 destinations in Greece. It’s not surprising that so many travellers are drawn to its dramatic beauty, some even choose to exchange lifetime vows there.
Unlike most rental properties in Santorini, this magnificent 250m2 villa is located in the most unspoilt village on the island- ‘Mesa Gonia.’ ‘Episkopis Gonia,’ as it is also called, dates to the 17th century and is the site of the oldest Byzantine Church on the island, built in the 12th century. The EU has designated the village as a ‘traditional settlement’ to preserve its distinct character. While within easy reach of Fira (the capital) and Camari, with its beautiful black sandy beach, its serene setting provides both the privacy and tranquility while giving a taste of traditional Greek island village life as it was 50 years ago. Local wineries provide delightful wine tasting. There is also a charming open air cinema within walking distance.

Photos and Description of this Santorini holiday villa

3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, sleeps up to 12 persons

Unlike most rental properties in Santorini, this magnificent 250m2 villa is located in the most unspoilt village on the island – ‘Mesa Gonia’, designated as a ‘traditional settlement’ by the European Union. Estimated to be 300-400 years old, the property consists of 2 (two) separate units: the Main House which provides sophisticated yet comfortable accommodation for up to 8 (eight) persons and a charming 3-room Studio House, featuring an unusual, enchanting, red-stone, domed bedroom. Both have been architecturally restored and reinterpreted from the original ruins, retaining the most striking elements of the unique architectural style of Santorini while introducing more modern features such as a domed skylight in the living area, sunken bathtub in the master bath, and the convenience of a modern, spacious, fully-equipped kitchen. Both units can be rented either separately or together

The property-Main House left, Studio House right

living area Main House

Main house loft bedroom

Kitchen facilities Main House

Master Bedroom bathroom

Master bedroom staircase to loft bedroom

Main House 2nd bedroom

Main House 2nd bathroom

Main House- Living area towards loft bedroom

Exterior Studio House & Patio

Studio cottage interior

Studio-unique ‘bakery-oven’ bedroom

Main House rear patio with view of mountain

Front terrace- sea view

front terrace- village view

Nearest Airport : Santorini Airport at 2 Kilometres
Nearest Ferry : Athinios at 5 Kilometres
Nearest Beach : beach at 1 Kilometres
Car: recommended

Additional information:

  • MAIN HOUSE accommondates 6 persons. Each additional person (up to 2) +15% (Total 8 maximum.)
    STUDIO HOUSE accommondates 2 – 4 persons
  • Rates for Studio House available upon request
  • Discounts given for stays more than 14 days.( Main House).25 %damage deposit required.
  • MAIN HOUSE or STUDIO HOUSE can be rented either together or separately
  • Accommodation and facilities

    Property Type: villa (detached)


    Accommodation Type: self-catering


    Floor Area: 200 m²


    Location Type: near the sea village


    Theme: historic/ away from it all


    General: linen provided, towels provided, telephone


    Kitchen: freezer, fridge, washing machine, oven, 4 ring stove


    Living Room: sofabed, comfy seating for 12 people


    Bathrooms: 3 Bathrooms
    Bathroom 1 – Toilet, Shower Enclosure, Bath (no shower), Master suite- Main House
    Bathroom 2 – Toilet, Shower Enclosure, Main House
    Bathroom 3 – Toilet, Shower Enclosure, Studio House

    # 1 Located in Master Suite arealarge bathroom with spacious shower and sunken bathtub looking out into back courtyard. #2 ‘cave’ bathroom (3/4 bath) designed in Cycladic hues and finished in a distinctive, traditional technique similar to Venetian plaster. Literally dug out of the hillside, with separate toilet area. #3 located in Studio House (cottage)


    Bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms, Sleeps 8
    Bedroom 1 – 1 Large Double Bed, Spacious master suite w/loft bedroom
    Bedroom 2 – 1 Large Double Bed, built-in queen w/adjacent bath

    MAIN HOUSE – Sleeps maximum 8 * Master suite comprised of romantic loft bedroom, sitting area and magnificent bath which features double sink, full shower and sunken bathtub enclosed in mirrored glass, looking out onto back courtyard. * Cozy double bedroom with adjacent, bathroom. STUDIO HOUSE – sleeps maximum 4 * Unusual, enchanting, red-stone, domed bedroom which originally served as the bakery oven of the village. * Two steps up from the ‘bakery’ bedroom is a 3/4 bath with village views.

    Entertainment: audio tape player, stereo system, TV, radio, DVD, books – fiction/non-fiction, video player, CD


    Outside: terrace, barbecue, parking, 8 garden chairs


    Suitability: pets not allowed
    long term rentals available
    wheelchair inaccessible
    children welcome


    Local Activities: walking, swimming, diving, horse riding, surfing, sailing


    Attractions: laundrette – serviced, ATM/bank, cinemas, caves, churches


    Leisure Activities: beachcombing, hiking, jet skiing, sight seeing


    Nearby Attraction / Facility: ruins, winery tours, restaurants, volcano, scenic drives


    MAIN HOUSE: * Sophisticated yet comfortable accommodation for up to 8 (eight) persons. * Dramatic domed-ceiling, living/entertainment area with skylight (magnificent acoustics for music lovers!) and access to both outdoor terraces. *Multiple seating areas with built-in beds can also serve as sleeping accommodation for up to 4 (four) people. * Spacious, fully-equipped, gourmet kitchen overlooking front terrace – includes all appliances, washing machine, and informal seating area. * Expansive terrace offering a sweeping view of the village and the legendary Aegean. Outdoor seating for small or large groups – ideal for entertaining. * Large back patio for private secluded moments.* Convenient road access and parking.

    STUDIO HOUSE – can sleep up to 4 persons – built-in sofa beds(2) in living area. Kitchenette. Access to front terrace.


    views & opinions

    • Chère Katerina, On vous remercie pour une superbe expérience pendant le tour que vous avez organisé pour nous à Athènes. Comme on s’intéresse a votre proposition concernant le tour a Epirus (Zigorohlooria ????) on vous prie de nous envoyer une proposition d’itinéraire quand ça serait possible. Amicalement, Jean Claude
    • We have spent just 1 day in Athens (unfortunately) but Katerina, Aris and our guide Lilly made this day unforgetable. They took care of us and made us to fall in love with Athens from the first sight. Their services are first class and they are very nice and warm-hearted people passionate about their country and job. We would highly recommend them to anyone be it short visitors or long stayers. BIG THANK YOU!!!          Tanya & Lars 05/26/2011
    • Katerina, Aris
      Thank you very much for the wonderful trip you organised for our family in Northern Greece!!!
      We are planning a weekend in Evia with 2 families/friends in middle June .
      Could you please find for us something nice?  Lianne
    • Ich wuenschte dass so viele wie moeglich dass erleben wuerden wie wir in Epidaurus und Nauplion!!!
      Dazu die so interessante und nette neue Bekantschaften! Ein Grosses Dankeschoen! Pauline
    • Der Aussflug in Nord Evia war fantastisch!!!  Wir haben die winterliche Landschaft genossen und die Abwechslung zwischen Berg und Meer war traumhaft. Im Sommer werden wir die Reise wiedercholen und fuer laengere Zeit. Nochmals vielen Dank fuer die so nueztliche Empfehlungen!!  Marietta

    to read more comments go to:

    so close…and yet so unexplored !

    evia-mapIf you feel like taking a bit of fresh air without having to travel for hours, we have the best idea: North Evia.

    Within approximately 3 hours at the most, you will find yourself walking among incredibly colorful forests, climbing mountains, driving alongside rivers and creeks, and eventually, facing the Aegean. We have to confide in you that North Evia is where we originally come from and where we’ve spent our holidays for ….ever, so you will have to bear with our enthusiasm. However, trust us. It’s completely justified.

    The places we love most this time of the year are Rovies, Limni, and-now and in the summer mostly –Aghia Anna.

    n119799788081_2147Limni looks like a picture when you first see it from the little winding road above it. The people there used to be captains and traveled a lot, therefore they were quite well-off and able to build large and beautifully decorated houses, which you can still see in the town. The town overlooks the sea, namely the Gulf of Evia, where the sea is usually calmer than the Aegean on the other side of Evia, but not as clean. (My friends from Limni really hate me now).

    A little further up north from Limni lies the lovely seaside village of Rovies.Why we like it? We can’t really say! It isn’t as picturesque as Limni, the sea isn’t as amazing as in Aghia Anna, but we get a sweet and warm feeling when we go there that makes us like it so much. The nature in the area, whether you want to drive or walk, is beautiful. The things you can do are numerous, depending on your hobbies, age, family situation, likes, etc.

    If you want us to organize a weekend there for you, contact us and we will be happy to prepare it with you and give you some ideas based on our personal experience and your individual preferences.

    One last thing: People who go there the first time, ALWAYS return, so be prepared!!