Share our dream !

Dearest friends and companions on this crazy and difficult trip!

Things are tough!
What a dark way of starting a message!
We were downtown the other day and our hearts broke at the sight of the centre.
Cinemas where we spent happy years and days, watching films that only they showed. Shops with owners and employees in total despair. Buildings that we were proud of, “ornaments” of the city, where we used to take foreign friends and visitors of ours and show them.
Everything covered in ashes and black smoke!
We cannot allow all that to bring us down!
We need to reclaim our city from a bunch of idiots and incompetent losers.
We want to try and revive our city. We want to do things in our city, breathe along with it, walk along its streets and have a coffee and a “koulouri” at places that belong to all of us, not them!
To achieve that, we need you as well.
Come with us.
Share our dream, feel the heartbeat of the city of Athena, once called “Diamond in the ring of the earth”..
Don’t be just visitors here, try to become inhabitants, locals.
When all this is over, you will be proud of having contibuted to the re-construction of a city, or even a country.
See you downtown and ……EFCHARISTOUME!
We will always be there to join you.

2 Replies to “Share our dream !”

  1. I could not agree with you more! I live in the center and cannot count how many times people have asked me “how is it down there” as if I live on the moon rather than in the same city! Please please don’t be afraid to come downtown! It’s the best of Athens! Enjoy it! It’s your city!

  2. What a wonderful message and sentiment. Thank you for sharing this, keeping your pride in our beautiful country and your positive energy that we CAN FIX IT and send away the negative.
    If you want to organise a volunteer group to help to rectify the damage, I will willingly support you in any way I can. The municipality certainly does not have the means to do it alone.
    Thank you 🙂

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