G I N E T A I !!! It can be done !

by: Peter Economides

An article by Peter Economides


The article that appeared in TO VIMA newspaper on 21 December 2014, translated into English.

It encapsulates my new year wish ….. Greece as the West Coast of Europe.
Maybe it won’t happen this year.
Maybe not next. But it can happen.
If we want it …..

GINETAIIt’s inevitable. One day soon we’ll pick ourselves up from the rubble of this crisis.
We’ll stand up, dust ourselves off and move forward. The question is who will we be on that day? How will we think? What is the motivation that will drive us forward?Will we finally understand who we are and where we live?
Without clinging to the past but moving fast forward into the future.
Will we have leaders brave enough to encourage us?
Smart enough to know when to be there and when to get out of the way…This is what I imagine.
And this, I am sure, is what we can be ….“The crazy ones.
The misfits.
The rebels.
The ones who see things differently.”The Apple of the Mediterranean.
The West Coast of Europe.
The fresh young edge of this tired old continent.
The creative corner.It’s an idea that I put forward three years ago.
And Nick Malkoutzis from Kathimerini replied: “It’s a crazy idea. In fact it’s an idea that is just about crazy enough to succeed.”It is succeeding….
In the space of a few short years Athens has transformed into a city with a vibrant startup culture. Greek mattresses are the rage in New York. Supermarket shelves are filling up with beautifully designed, high quality food products. Indigenous Greek wines such as Malagousia and Asyrtiko are winning top awards on the wine lists at top restaurants from Sydney to London at prices upwards of €100 per bottle. I love it.Greece is the new cool.
Willem Sodderland talks about it in his buzzable.biz piece, “Why Greece is in better shape than Germany.” We’ve become creative through necessity. On a continent that is generally lazy, complacent and defensive and has not, for the past 70 years or so, had any need to be otherwise.I was in Silicon Valley a few weeks ago.
And it had me thinking.
Whatever the West Coast of America represents today, that’s what Athens once was.
Startup city.
And the startup ideas then were democracy, philosophy, medicine, mathematics…I want Greece to be the West Coast of Europe.
“Den kanei kryo stin Ellada …”

Athens Transport Tickets and Cards

All info via: athenstransport.com. A very helpful and informative website not only for residents but for visitors and tourists


Photo source: discovergreece.com

From Monday, February 1st, 2016, new Athens transport ticket prices take effect.

  • Holders of old tickets will be able to use them until April 3oth, 2016.

Questions answered in this page:

  • What are the different types of tickets for Athens public transport and how much do they cost?
  • For what modes of transport and for how long is each ticket valid?
  • What kind of ticket do I need to travel from/to the Athens airport?
  • Who can use a reduced ticket?
  • Where can I buy Athens transportation tickets? How do I use a ticket?
  • How can I get a monthly card?
  • What kind of ticket do I need for the suburban railway (proastiakos)?
  • What are the different types of tickets for Athens public transport?
Type of ticket Ticket Price Reduced Ticket Price
Intergrated ticket for all modes (Valid for 90 mins) € 1.40  € 0.60
24-hour ticket for all modes € 4,5  No reduced ticket
5-day ticket for all modes € 9  No reduced ticket 
3-day tourist ticket € 22 No reduced ticket
Express Bus ticket for the airport € 6 € 3
Metro ticket for the airport
(also valid for Suburban Railway and all other modes)
€ 10,
ticket for 2 persons € 18,
ticket for 3 persons € 24
€ 5
No reduced tickets
for 2 or 3 persons
Return Metro ticket for the airport (for 2 journeys in under 7 days) € 18 No reduced ticket


Integrated tickets are valid for 90 minutes after their validation for transportation and transfers on: city Buses (excluding Airport express buses and X80 line), Trolley-Buses, Tram, Metro (all stations except Airport), Suburban Railway (only sections Piraeus – SKA and Magoula – Koropi).


Tourist tickets are valid for: 1 round trip from/to Athens International airport by Metro or Express Bus and unlimited travel on all other modes for 3 days, including line X80 (for example from 10am on Friday till 10am on Monday). As of 2016, they are available at Athens Airport metro and bus station and Omonoia, Syntagma, Thiseio, Monastiraki, Akropoli and Piraeus metro stations.


24-hour and 5-day tickets are valid for transportation and tranfers on: city buses (excluding Airport lines) (the 24-hour ticket but not the 5-day ticket is valid for X80 line), trolley-buses, tram, metro (all stations except Airport), Suburban Railway (only sections Pireus – SKA and Magoula – Koropi, not for Airport). They are valid for 24 hours and 5×24 hours after the first validation. For example, from 1pm on Monday till 1pm on Tuesday for the the 24-hour ticket, and from 1pm on Wednesday till 1pm the following Monday for the 5-day ticket.


Metro tickets for the airport are vald for 90 minutes after their validation for transportation and transfers on the same modes as the integrated tickets, plus a transfer from/to the airport with the metro. They are NOT valid for rides on Airport express buses. Same conditions apply for return metro tickets to the airport, and 2 and 3 persons tickets for the airport. Return tickets for the airport can be used for a return within 7 days.


Express bus tickets for the airport are valid only for a ride on an airport express bus, and no other means of transport.



  • What kind of ticket do I need to travel from/to the Athens airport?
  • Who can use a Reduced Ticket?
  • Where can I buy a ticket? 
  • How do I use an Athens transport ticket?
  • How can I get a monthly or a 3-month card (travelcard)?
  • Cards for all modes excluding airport
  • Cards for all modes including airport
  • How about Athens Suburban Railway and other Railway tickets?

SOURCE/READ MORE: athenstransport.gr

Central Athens traffic restrictions

VIA: http://www.ekathimerini.com/

Central Athens traffic restrictions back on Monday 12/10/15


Traffic restrictions in central Athens, aimed at curbing congestion and pollution levels, will go back into effect on Monday following the summer hiatus.

The restriction ring is delineated by Alexandras Avenue, Zacharof Street, Mesogeion Avenue, Pheidipidou, Michalakopoulou, Spyrou Merkouri, Vraxidos, Ymittou, Ilia Iliou, Frantzi, the start of Syngrou Avenue, Hamosternas, Pireos, Iera Odos, Constantinoupoleos, Achileos, Karaiskaki Square, Karoulou, Marni and Patission Street, where it meets with Alexandras.

According to the restrictions, cars with number plates ending in an odd number can enter the restricted ring on odd days and cars with plates ending in an even number can enter on even days.

SOURCE: http://www.ekathimerini.com/

photo: iefimerida.gr

It’s been a great year !


It’s been a great year !

We enjoyed meeting new people, being together with old friends, feeling your love and appreciation, THINGS THAT ARE PRECIOUS TO US AND KEEP US GOING.

Here’s an overview of some of our events in 2014. We would appreciate it a lot if you gave us your views and opinions, such as what you liked or did not like, what you would want more of or less, etc.

Give us a piece of your mind just under the post on “leave a reply” section or by sending us an e-mail at info@livinlovin.gr.

This will help us get better. And remember: WE ARE ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU ALL !

Stay tuned !!! Great things are coming up !

A walk in Christmas Athens 


Complimentary “Sharing the Athens we Love” Tour


Acropolis Museum Tour for families


Archaeological Museum & Mechanism of Antikithira

exhibition for families


A night out at Diogenis Palace


Greek Cooking Class


A visit at Dora Stratou Dance School in Plaka


“Sharing the Athens we Love” Tour

(shared with: Embassies, Companies, groups,foreign communities College students, private groups)


Petralona Tour


“Traces of the Jewish Passage in Athens” Tour


A visit at Natalia Mela’s workshop


Greek Beer Tasting


Open air cinema night at one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world




4 Days with an amazing German Group


Walking Tour of Athens


Elefsina Guided Tour


Greek Cheese Tasting

Dora Stratou Dance Theatre


Fishing Day trip on a Kaiki


Athinorama Gastronomy Festival – “Giorti Gefseis”


Stay tuned !!!

Great things are coming up

in 2 0 1 5 !

You can also follow our activities, info, news and see more photos on our official Page on Facebook

The beautiful ladies would kindly “block” entrance to the tomb

Two caryatids were discovered in Amphipolis, as officially announced by the Ministry of Culture with the removal of sandy soil in the area in front of the second septal wall. There, beneath the marble architrave, between marble pilasters, two exceptional caryatids of Thassian marble were discovered.

The face of the Caryatid in the west survives almost intact, while the eastern is missing. The caryatids have rich curls that cover their shoulders, while they wear a sleeved tuned. The right hand of one and the left of the other were “blocking” entrance to those who would enter the tomb. There were also traces of blue and red colour found upon the marbles. Among the soil, fragments of sculptures were found, such as a palm portion and smaller finger fragments. All this suggests thaht this is a standing monument of particular importance.

see all new photos/read more: HERE


Our next event: GREEK BEER TASTING !

Some days ago, we asked you what we were up to:

Well, is a BEER TASTING (now, that’s a first !)
And not JUST a beer tasting, we are talking about ALL the small breweries from all over Greece, Greek chutneys, Greek sausages, Greek cheese, etc. all from Greek start-ups !. All this cornucopia of flavors, will be in Nikaia on Friday the 18th of July, from 19:30 until …





The cost will be very low. Since the venue is also a retailers spot, you will be able to buy anything you like.
Please apply at info@livinlovin.gr
or land line: 2108077073, or cell: 6937073699
PS: the venue can only take up to 20 – 25 people. So hurry !!!







join us on this weekend of magic !

Dearest friends, WE ARE SO HAPPY !!!

Remember when I told you about a surprise we were preparing for you ?

Well, it looks like we can make it AT LAST!

You will all-and we mean AAAAAALL- have the chance to watch “MIKRA ANGLIA”, a multi award-winning film by Pandelis Voulgaris based on the book Mikra Anglia by Ioanna Karystiani. with English subtitles!

You will be the only ones to see the film with English subtitles at a cinema, as we have managed to get the rights from the company !
On top of that, you will see it at an open-air cinema in the Chora of Andros that will open exclusively for us.

Why we want you to see this film? Because when we saw it,we thought that it’s a must-see,we absolutely adored it !

Imagine seeing this film where it was made and being in the atmosphere !

There will also be a tour in Chora guided by a local very knowledgeable guide, and of course plenty of time afterwards to stroll the streets and lanes of a unique island town, try the local cuisine and take photographs.

Mark the dates: Saturday 31/05 & Sunday 01/06, and details will come very soon !

We are so HAPPY that our “little”dream is coming true !!!

MIKRA ANGLIA & ANDROS EVENT (Itinerary, details and prices)

Can you think of anything more attractive than spending
two days in Andros island living in the atmosphere of
an multi award-winning film, strolling the streets and lanes
of a unique island town, trying the local cuisine and taking photographs ?
We can’t !

Saturday 31/05 & Sunday 01/06


On Saturday 31/05, departure from RAFINA PORT at 7:50 with the SUPERFERRY 2 of Golden Star Ferries (our tickets will be waiting for us on the boat)
Arrival in Andros after approx. 2 hours.

Upon our arrival we will take our bus from the port to Chora of Andros (approx 1 hour’s ride) and check-in at the hotels (we have booked two hotels as they are small), and rest for a little bit.

Then we’ll have a welcome raki/tsipouro/ouzo drink with a traditional local meze of course, under the big plane trees of the main square of Chora.
After that, we believe we would need a rest, as of the very early wakening.

In the afternoon, we will take a tour in Chora, guided by a local, very knowledgeable guide, who, among others, will show us the locations where the film was made. We will leave plenty of time afterwards to stroll round the streets and lanes of this unique island town.
After that, we will have our dinner at a local restaurant, and then go to the open air cinema which will open only for this occasion.
The film will start at about 9:15pm. (remember it is an open air cinema)

After such a long day, we will surely need a good night sleep.

On Sunday 01/06, the program will be flexible and relaxed

After a big breakfast we will sail !
If the weather allows, we will go round the most beautiful spots near Chora with a big kaiki. Swimming is a possibility.
As a plan B, if it’s windy, we’ll go walking in the orchards and the fields around Chora.
We can have lunch at a taverna by the seaside that we like (but this is optional) and then we will be spend the rest of the day in the Chora in any way you like.

For our return to Rafina, in order to get a group ticket, we all have to travel with the same company, any time you prefer. On that day, the departure times are:

at 14:45,
at 19:00,
at 20:00

NOTE THAT: the bus which will take you from Chora to the port, departs approx 1, 5 hours before the departure of the ship.


140 euros/person for a single room
125 euros/person for a double room and
120 euros/person for a tripple room

These prices include:
Ferry boat tickets to Andros and back, a special bus for us from port to Chora of Andros and back**, the welcome ouzo with meze, the guided tour, the cinema entrance fee, dinner at the local restaurant, accommondation with breakfast, taxes and VAT
**We are still negotiating the price of the bus, as it is a monopoly. If we manage to get lower prices, the price per person will be lower.

The prices given above do not include:
The kaiki trip which is optional. The price is 12 euros/person
Lunch on Sunday.

Please apply as soon as possible, and until 23/5, as we need to book tickets and hotels
land line: 210-8077073
cell: 6937073699

On your application please let us know:
a) No of people
b) No of children and their ages, as prices vary.
We need to know beforehand for the ferry tickets and the hotel (mark if you need a cot)
Ferry: children up to 5 years old, pay no ferry ticket, children aged 6 to 10 pay half ticket.
c) when you want to leave Andros, see options above

Hope to see you all there !