Our next event: GREEK BEER TASTING !

Some days ago, we asked you what we were up to:

Well, is a BEER TASTING (now, that’s a first !)
And not JUST a beer tasting, we are talking about ALL the small breweries from all over Greece, Greek chutneys, Greek sausages, Greek cheese, etc. all from Greek start-ups !. All this cornucopia of flavors, will be in Nikaia on Friday the 18th of July, from 19:30 until …





The cost will be very low. Since the venue is also a retailers spot, you will be able to buy anything you like.
Please apply at info@livinlovin.gr
or land line: 2108077073, or cell: 6937073699
PS: the venue can only take up to 20 – 25 people. So hurry !!!







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