We are pleased to announce
four new special screenings of the acclaimed documentary film

film director Vassilis Loules

from Thursday 24 to Sunday 27 October 2013

Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd, and Sunday 3rd November

at 20:00

206 Piraeus Str., Tavros, Athens, Tel: 210 3418550

The film’s director Vassilis Loules will be present every night
to share his experiences with the audience and answer questions after the screening.

On Thursday October 24th and on Friday October 25th the film is going to be projected with English Subtitles.
The original version is in Greek.

With the support of the Embassy of Canada to the Hellenic Republic.

The award-winning documentary tells the personal stories five Greek-Jewish children who were saved by Christian families from persecution during the Nazi Occupation of Greece in World War II. These children are among the few survivors to tell their stories to current and future generations.

The film also describes the life of Greek Jewish Communities before WWII through rare images of Occupied Greece obtained from archival material, as well as amateur films taken by German soldiers and illegal footage shot by Greek patriots.

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Today Google is dedicating its Doodle to the great Greek theater director Karolos Koun who reformed the Greek theater



(1908–87), Greek director, who while teaching English in Athens during the 1930s mounted a remarkable series of productions of the classics performed by young people. In 1942, during the German occupation, he founded the Art Theatre (Theatro Technis) in Athens, where he produced the plays of ancient and modern Greece as well as such works as Ibsen’s The Wild Duck (1942), García Lorca’s Blood Wedding (1948), and The Glass Menagerie (1947) and A Streetcar Named Desire (1949). The theatre was closed because of his Communist sympathies between 1949 and 1954. His work for other companies included Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman (1950) and for the Greek National Theatre Pirandello’s Henry IV and Chekhov’s Three Sisters. In 1962 he took his company to the Théâtre Des Nations in Paris, where their performance of Aristophanes’ Birds was much admired. It was seen during the World Theatre Season of 1964, and again in 1965 and 1967 together with Aeschylus’ Persians and Aristophanes’ Frogs respectively; in 1969 the company presented Aristophanes’ Lysistrata there. In 1967 Koun also directed Romeo and Juliet for the RSC. Koun’s school of drama, attached to the Art Theatre, supplied the Greek stage with a number of leading actors. The company moved to a new building in 1981.

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Here is a video of “Όρνιθες – Les Oiseaux – The Birds” by Aristophanes directed by Karolos Koun, with the music of Manos Hatzidakis. It is a performance of 1975 in Epidaurus theater. 

We choose this part of the play, because you can get an idea of parodos*, one of the parts of

Ancient Greek Theater (Comedy & Tragedy).

* Parodos, an ode sung by the chorus as it made its entrance

If you would like to watch the whole play, please click on: youtube,com


Πόσα χρόνια έχετε να πάτε στο Αρχαιολογικό μουσείο ;

Εμείς είχαμε να πάμε από το σχολείο.

Πήγαμε με ένα γρουπ Αγγλόφωνο, με μία από τις ξεναγούς μας και το είδαμε ξανά
αλλά ….ήταν σαν να το βλέπαμε για πρώτη φορά!

Ελάτε να δείτε κι εσείς ένα καινούργιο μουσείο, καθώς και την πτέρυγα με την περιοδική έκθεση με το ναυάγιο και τον μηχανισμό των Αντικυθήρων.

Η ξενάγηση θα είναι στα Ελληκά, θα διαρκέσει 3,5 με 4 ώρες – με ενδιάμεσο διάλειμμα για καφέ – και θα γίνει το Σάββατο 29/6 στις 10.30.

Η είσοδος και για τις δύο εκθέσεις είναι 7 ευρώ, (μειωμένο 3 ευρώ για επισκέπτες άνω των 65 ετών και για φοιτητές) και το κόστος της ξενάγησης θα εξαρτηθεί από τον αριθμό των συμμετοχών. (όσο πιο πολλοί είμαστε, τόσο πιο χαμηλό το κόστος).
Χρειαζόμαστε δε τουλάχιστον 10 άτομα για να πραγματοποιηθεί το τουρ.

Σας περιμένουμε όλους !

συμμετοχές στο
φωτογραφίες από το Αγγλόφωνο τουρ μας μπορείτε να δείτε εδώ (en)





Welcome to Athens! With an urban population of more than 4 million people, Athens is the capital of Greece and the 4th most populous capital in the E.U. with a large, modern mass transit system to serve the needs of residents and visitors. It consists of:

  • City buses
  • Electric trolley-buses
  • Athens Metro
  • Athens Tram, and
  • Athens Suburban railway.

Athens is connected to even the remotest destinations through the Athens International Airport, ports of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio, national railway network operated by TRAINOSE and, long-distance bus network KTEL.

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Greek Conversation and Culture group

Dearest friends,

We would like to announce a new, more flexible style that our conversation groups will have. We are aiming at groups with a limited and theme-centered context to meet the participants’ specific needs.

The groups will have a theme, i.e. SHOPPING, MOVING AROUND, GREETINGS AND SOCIAL LIFE etc.The participants will meet 3,4 times or until they’ve covered the specific language and in the end they will take part in a real-life activity,ie a visit to the local market, a shop,etc to practice what they’ve just learnt.

The participants will be able to join any group or groups they want, without, of course, any obligation to join all of them. The maximum number of people can be up to 5 or 6 and we can create groups in the North, South or centre of Athens.

For more advanced people, we are planning literature and culture groups that will study or prepare a theatre play, an art exhibition, an event and then watch it.

We hope that with these groups we will cover your needs and make your stay here easier and more enjoyable.

See you soon!

Contact, e-mail us

or call for details


tel/fax: 210-8077073
cell: 6937073699

“Hand in hand”… NEW Entries !

From now on we will be working alongside with

Danish Institute at Athens


so we will be able to inform you about the events they organise

“livin’ and lovin’ it in Greece”

ps. We’ve opened a new category: “Hand in Hand…” under “CULTURAL”  where you can refer to find out about their events.

To view the news of each one, click on their red tag under the title

views & opinions

  • Chère Katerina, On vous remercie pour une superbe expérience pendant le tour que vous avez organisé pour nous à Athènes. Comme on s’intéresse a votre proposition concernant le tour a Epirus (Zigorohlooria ????) on vous prie de nous envoyer une proposition d’itinéraire quand ça serait possible. Amicalement, Jean Claude
  • We have spent just 1 day in Athens (unfortunately) but Katerina, Aris and our guide Lilly made this day unforgetable. They took care of us and made us to fall in love with Athens from the first sight. Their services are first class and they are very nice and warm-hearted people passionate about their country and job. We would highly recommend them to anyone be it short visitors or long stayers. BIG THANK YOU!!!          Tanya & Lars 05/26/2011
  • Katerina, Aris
    Thank you very much for the wonderful trip you organised for our family in Northern Greece!!!
    We are planning a weekend in Evia with 2 families/friends in middle June .
    Could you please find for us something nice?  Lianne
  • Ich wuenschte dass so viele wie moeglich dass erleben wuerden wie wir in Epidaurus und Nauplion!!!
    Dazu die so interessante und nette neue Bekantschaften! Ein Grosses Dankeschoen! Pauline
  • Der Aussflug in Nord Evia war fantastisch!!!  Wir haben die winterliche Landschaft genossen und die Abwechslung zwischen Berg und Meer war traumhaft. Im Sommer werden wir die Reise wiedercholen und fuer laengere Zeit. Nochmals vielen Dank fuer die so nueztliche Empfehlungen!!  Marietta

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