Flour WAR!!!

Today we are going to send you on a strange, but very entertaining and…dirty trip outside Athens to celebrate Clean Monday.We are sending you to Galaxidi, a usually peaceful seaside town, which brings in the first day of Orthodox Lent with a massive flour war! Visitors and residents (only if they want to) put on goggles, masks, and their oldest clothes and scramble to chuck flour dyed in bright colours at everybody. After all the flour has been thrown, the powdery people gather into the centre of their colourful town and the party starts with eating, drinking, and dancing. We have been there, as you can see in the photos, and we can tell you that we had the time of our lives. The only problem we had was driving back to Athens with all that flour in our ears and noses, so if you can spend that night there and get cleaned up it’s better.

Have a nice Kathari Deftera (Clean Monday)!

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