Walking Tour and a Sing Song in Athens

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Walking Tour In Athens


Although I have lived in Athens for nearly 4 months now, I know that I have barely scratched the surface in terms of what there is to see and do. Certainly, my current series on museums in Athens is helping me to see one side of it, but finding the time to work, blog, and get out and about more is a difficult balancing act. Except when you can go on a tour with the Travel Bloggers Greece group though – then you get to do it all at once, with huge doses of pleasure as well!
The walking tour in Athens was organised by Katerina and Aristotelis of Livin Lovin, who cater to a predominantly ex-pat clientele. Starting off at the Acropolis metro, we strolled through some side streets, stopping off at a few interesting places, until we got to our ‘surprise’…

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Katerina Tsitsipi, Aristotelis Makris
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“Partagez notre amour pour Athènes”



Un superbe petit tour dans le vieux Athènes avec Katherina qui nous a livrée tous ses secrets et nous a fait découvrir des petits recoins admirables et originaux. Un grand merci Patrick & Sonia.



“Partagez notre amour pour Athènes”
Notre tour “Partagez notre amour pour Athènes” est très prisé chez nos clients, leurs proches, amis ou invités. 
C’est un peu de tout: histoire, mythologie, architecture, dégustation de préparations locales, tradition grecque, l’Athènes d’ aujourd’hui, du shopping etc.
Ça se passe au centre historique d’ Athènes, à Plaka, à Psiri, à Monastiraki et les quartiers autour avec leurs petits secrets, leurs monuments et vues uniques, leurs petites chapelles et bien sûr on se régale en goûtant des spécialités locales dans le vieux marché…
On s’amuse à faire de petites pauses pour un café ou un rafraîchissement, pour un snack, une dégustation ou déjeuner sur des terrasses-jardins et des lieux que peu connaissent.
Dans le prix ne sont pas inclus les cafés, les rafraîchissements, le repas ou le vin ou bien les entées aux sites qu’on visite.
Pour tout dire, c’est un tour coupé sur mesure, on s’ adapte alors, volontiers, aux intérêts, aux goûts, aux suggestions ou les préférences de nos groupes.


A Walking Tour for the whole Family

Dear Katerina & Aris,

“I wanted to sincerely thank you for a very special day today. Katerina, you were so generous with your knowledge, time and energy – it was an AMAZING introduction to Athens. We both loved every minute. We were so lucky with the day, and while I know you would make everyone feel fabulous, we really felt that we made a friend today & I look forward to crossing paths again.
Your efforts to engage and tech Stella were fabulous & she really enjoyed it – thank you, it took our adventure to a new level !
I also wanted to thank you very much for guidance & information ”
Penny & Stella



Katerina has immense knowledge of Athens. Although I thought I knew Athens well already, she still found new information to fill a 4-hour tour of the Plaka. From the first instance that I spoke with her on the phone, she made me feel like I was already a very good friend. She was a true professional throughout the entire process of booking and leading our tour. You will get a guide with supreme integrity who will think only of your best interests.

Her stories make her tours stand out from others. Buildings and monuments come to life as she tells you their tales. I’d seen one monument a hundred times, yet I saw it in a whole new light because of her tour. How did it get there? How did they use it? Why were they important? And why is it still there when everything around it disappeared long ago?

Katerina knows the ins and outs of Athens. Just ask her. She will take you to her favorite museums, but if she thinks that someone else knows your interests better, she will bring them in to guide you. Her vast network includes the best certified guides in Athens and throughout Greece.

Whatever your interests are – food, religion, art, dancing, theater, archaeology, architecture – and wherever you want to go, she will design a custom tour just for you. Most importantly, you will be pleasantly shocked by her reasonable charges. It would be a mistake not to include Livin’ Lovin’ in your Greece trip planning.

Marisa Feyen, Athens resident and travel blogger at With One Single Step

Let us plan your own tailor made experience !
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