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As Konstantin Cavafy says in his poem “Ithaka”,

“hope your road is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery…” 


If we use this poem as a guideline, you can see in a nutshell what we do as livin’ lovin’. We aim at providing expats with a profound knowledge of Greece and its people and culture.
Our services start even before expats decide to come here with the so called  “look and see” corporate tour. We, along with the companies we are working with, “open the first window” to the country. We continue  while they are here, with problem solving, support, and a big variety of activities, and we go all the way until they leave. The range of our services is very wide, and is constantly enriched following our clients’ needs and demands.
During their stay, we offer valuable info concerning everyday life, shopping, familiarisation events, socialising, and culture.
We love our country, we know our country, and our vision is to make expats love it as well .
We “hope their journey is a long one” because we want them to see and learn as much about our ‘Ithaka’ as possible.
We teach the language, plan Thematic Trips, Experiential Visits and Fun Excursions in combination with Local Festivals,
Customs and Traditions, Food, Wine, Beer, Honey and local product Tastings, we organize Greek Cooking Classes.
We also plan Tailored Cultural Private and Group Tours and Walks in and out of Athens.
W“Share the (unknown) Athens We Love” with them. In short, we disclose to them the unknown
 Greece we love. And all that with the valuable cooperation of licenced Guides, Archaeologists, Historians and Cultural Organizations, Chefs, Gastronomy and Wine Experts, the very best in their field.
We organise cultural events, exhibitionand artists workshop visitsfilm screenings and theatre evenings.
All our cultural events are one of kind and are always concluded around a table, where a parea* is formed and make new friends. We are very proud to be the event and corporate organizers for several foreign Embassies, Expat Communities, 
foreign Schools in AthensClubs, Organizations, Multinational Companies, and friends of over 40 nationalities. We have also been chosen by Foreign Colleges, Clubs, Organizations and individuals to plan and organize their stay in Greece.
Our deepest satisfaction is when an expat leaves the country,
as Kavafi says…
“and if you find her poor, Ithaka won’t have fooled you. Wise as you’ll have become,
so full of experience,
you will have understood by then what these Ithakas mean”.
A detailed ” activity per activity” presentation, coming soon
Katerina Tsitsipi, Aristotelis Makris
 Contact us @: info@livinlovin.gr
Land Line (+0030) 210-8077073
Cell: (+0030) 6988 607866
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