sharing the Athens we love with you !

Dearest friends,
Look at the lovely photos Uschi took during our walk in the centre before Easter!
We had a great time and we are planning a lot more.
Come and join us!
photos & comments: by Uschi

Joanne looking at the carpets

Neat little Taverna we found

On our way to Katerina’s favorite shopping area in Athens

We just loved some of the Art on the houses

Katerina telling everyone to come and check it out

Leslie admiring old books

wonder whats behind this door???

a cafe called Tafts

it has been at one time a house with apartments

Meat market in Athens, a must see for sure

Fish Market Athens, you can get all the seafood your heart desires there

Thank you Katerina from Livinlovin for being our tourguide on saturday……

Everything, from hats to needles and beads !!!

Another beautiful Walking Tour (“Sharing the Athens we Love”) today with 8 lovely ladies. We visited the area with very old small shops, where you can buy anything from hats to needles and beads ! We were lucky with the weather but not with Estrella Athens where, once more, long queues were waiting ! Next time we hope !!!

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