Who we are


The idea for LIVIN’ LOVIN’ came when we saw the increasing interest of foreigners in learning more about Greece and their needs that had to be covered. We have been teaching Greek to foreigners for more than 20 years but during all this time we have been providing, except for the language, or better, along with the language, all sorts of information that foreigners needed. Being Greeks we know and love the country, its history and culture, and we enjoy sharing it with whoever is attracted to it. But not only that! We try to help ex-pats and their families and visitors to adapt to the new way of life and to inform them about spare time activities, events, and holidays in Greece. After being so closely related to many foreigners for so many years, we can say that we are quite familiar with the field and can meet your specific needs.

Languages spoken: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian

Regardless of why and how long you are in Greece for, we are committed to offering a quality of service that will leave you……. LOVIN’ IT!!

Katerina Tsitsipi

Aristotelis Makris

Nea Erythrea, Athens – Greece

tel./fax: +30-210-8077073

cell: 693-7073699

e-mail: info@livinlovin.gr

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