Yannis Moralis: Architectural Compositions
Benaki museum Main Building |

Catalogue accompanying the exhibition of the same name, organised by the Benaki Museum (February 10 – April 30, 2011).
This is the first full presentation of Yannis Moralis’ architectural creations in print. The texts that accompany approximately 200 works in the catalogue constitute personal comments and testimony by the artist himself. Includes an introductory text by Fanny-Maria Tsigakou, the catalogue editor; previously unpublished essays by Spyros Kontaratos and Thymios Papayiannis; and previously published pieces by Alexandros Xydis, Marinos Kalligas and Nikos Papadakis, who focus on the creative contribution Yannis Moralis made to architecture, as well as on focusing on expanding a very fertile field of collaboration between architects and artists.
Informative writings combined with the variety of illustrations add up to a unique document for students of the architectural oeuvre of this major Greek artist.

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