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Napoleon Tzanetos was born in a fisherman’s village in the Golf of Patraikos in the spring of 1947. He lived near the sea since a very young age… Later he came to Athens… As time passed, he left his job and began making wooden seagulls in a corner in Neapoli. He is responsible for the whole process, starting from finding the right wood, molding the wings, to painting and all the finishing until the birds are ready to fly. Time and the seagulls have become his undeniable companions.

Wind Within is an exhibit which includes three creators with different approaches and backgrounds… Simultaneously, Wind Within hopes to incite a conversation between what is defined as folk art and what is understood as fine art. The limits are not always clear and the definitions seem often restrictive.

The handcrafted seagulls of Napoleon Tzanetos, coexist with the fragile beings of Marietta Kallonaand the conceptual games of Jana Tziveleki. The three different approaches –technically and artistically- find a common point in the wind that blows not only outside, but also within; inside the creator who is seeking for his/her inspiration and also within those who enjoy the journey of life.

Curated by Jana Tziveleki

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