William Shakespeare, Othello
AtHENS & EPIdaURuS FESTIVAL 2010 | Goethe Institut Athen |

Schaubühne am lehniner platz – Thomas Ostermeier

The ancient theatre of Epidaurus may prove an ideal venue for Othello (1604), a play that has been described as “Man’s tragedy enacted beneath an empty sky”.
Thomas Ostermeier, director of the celebrated Schaubühne, tackles the tale of Othello, Desdemona and the diabolical puppeteer, Iago, frantically yanking the strings of passion and base instinct. Focusing on aspects of human behaviour—on male rivalry and ambition, on jealousy and social exclusion, on the paranoia of love and sexuality—he gives us an Othello for our times. 

Direction: Thomas Ostermeier
Sets: Jan Pappelbaum
Costumes: Nina Wetzel  Music: Nils Ostendorf
Video: Sebastien Dupouey
Lighting: Erich Schneider

In German with Greek surtitles.

World première.
Production: Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz
Co-produced by Athens & Epidaurus Festival

With the support of Goethe Institut

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