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Volunteers needed at Caritas Refugee Center
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Caritas Refugee Center needs volunteers to help with meal service on Tuesdays. If you are interested, please contact Maria with Caritas at 210-524-6637 or Margaret at

For more information on Caritas, please view the following link:

2 Responses to “Volunteers needed at Caritas Refugee Center”

  1. admin says:

    Dear Martina thank you for contacting us. We’ll put you in touch with people/organizations who might need your help.
    Stay tuned !

  2. Martina Broich says:

    We are two people, who could work for refugees for 1 week: 11. to 17. of april.
    Do you need our help? Do you know, who needs our help?
    Greetings from switzerland, Martina Broich

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