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Susanne Rauprich, Chief Executive of the National Council for Voluntary Youth Service (UK)
“Young People and their Communities: Careless, Carefree, or Caring Deeply?”

Susan E. Stroud
, Executive Director of Innovations in Civic Participation (U.S.A.)
“Volunteering and Civic Engagement: The Cornerstones of a Vibrant Democracy”

Co-Ordinator: Dimitris Kalavros-Gousiou, Founder and Curator -TEDxAthens

In English with simultaneous translation

What inspires youth to volunteer and what is the benefit for them and their community? How can volunteerism improve lives, strengthen communities and foster civic engagement?  What is the role of volunteers and community organizations in addressing critical social needs? How can nonprofit organizations attract and empower volunteers? And how can volunteerism and community service become part of the educational process?

These are some of the questions that Susanne Rauprich and Susan Stroud will address during their Megaron Plus presentations.  As more than 900 million people volunteer across the globe each year – and numbers are on the rise both in Europe and in the U.S. – the two visiting experts will discuss the impact that volunteers, and in particular young volunteers, have in a democratic society.

Susanne Rauprich is the Chief Executive of the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services.  NCVYS is the only national independent body that represents voluntary and community youth organisations in England.  Their mission is to work with voluntary and community organisations to build thriving communities and sustainable networks.  They also aim at helping and educating young people to develop their social, physical, mental and spiritual capacities so that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society.  NCVYS’s vision is of a society where young people are valued for their contribution and supported by their communities.
Susan Stroud brings more than 30 years of experience in the fields of public service, social responsibility in higher education, and international policy development.  Stroud was one of the White House architects of the National and Community Trust Act of 1993, a volunteer umbrella organization  She later went on to senior positions at the Corporation for National and Community Service and at Learn and Serve America.  In 2001, she founded Innovations in Civic Participation, which provides technical assistance to develop youth service programs and policies around the world, supports an international community of professionals working in the civic engagement field, and provides a source of information about youth service programs and policies.



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9 January 2013/19:00

Free admission 

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