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Vinicius Cantuária was born in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, living there until he was seven, when his family moved to Rio. As singer, songwriter, guitarist and percussionist, his career connects several zones of Brazilian music. And though his music is known for its decidedly twenty-first century feel, Cantuária’s band might best be described as ‘post-electronica acoustic’ – a band that includes jazz bassist Paul Socolow, Michael Leonhart (the young Steely Dan trumpeter) and a rotating crew of Brazilian percussionists Nanny Assis, Mauro Refosco and legendary drummer Paulo Braga. Their repertoire typically includes songs by Jobim and Gilberto Gil, as well as Cantuária’s own fund of songs.
Cantuária’s albums, always critics’ favorites, have featured collaborations with some of the starrier names in left-field commercial music: Laurie Anderson, David Byrne, Brian Eno, Bill Frisell, and Arto Lindsay. Though artists such as Anderson, Frisell and Lindsay have a common touch, there is always an awkwardness to their music: they don’t worry about ugly sounds. They are prepared to confront their sophisticated audiences as well as delight them. Cantuária, by contrast, rarely produces anything that is not beautiful. He might express enthusiastic interest in DJ Spooky and the scratchy rhythms of laptop blip-hop, trade vocals with David Byrne or duet with Marc Ribot, but the end-result is always tuneful, light, fleet and musical.
…When you press Cantuária for his definition of contemporary music, his terms of reference remain thoroughly popular. He talks about the enduring freshness of British pop music: the Beatles, the Rolling Stones. ‘Contemporary music for me is something like Jobim, Eno. If you listen to music from the 1980’s, like Duran Duran or Tears for Fears it now sounds old because of the synthesizers. But ‘Satisfaction’ still sounds good. It’s like buying a good pair of traditional black shoes, that will last you ten years,’ he says.

Is that the way we should talk about Cantuária’s own songs? Music like shoes made the traditional way, properly stitched together, weatherproof and comfortable, improving with age. ‘I wanna do beautiful music, to play in small jazz clubs,’ says Cantuária. There’s that word again: ‘beautiful’. He doesn’t talk like a million-selling pop veteran . ‘I try reminding people of Miles Davis and Chet Baker – the music and harmonies are so sweet. This is my Fab Four: Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Tom Jobim and Chet Baker.’ John L. Walters 2003

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