Villa overlooking the valley of the Mesogeia

Two-storey villa for rent situated between  Markopoulo and  Porto-Rafti. The house is located near the Olympic Equestrian Center and the Hippodrome, overlooking the valley of the Mesogeia. It is within a 12′ drive from the Athens airport,  7′ drive from Porto-Rafti and the sea and 38 km from the centre of Athens (approximately 35′ drive). The size of the plot is 8500 square meters, ie. around two acres. It has an unfinished swimming pool, which will be covered. It has heating and air-conditioning system using a heating pump (i.e. electricity, which is considered less expensive), as well as solar panels for the use of hot-water

It consists of two floors, each having a separate entrance and each  leading  to separate garden levels. It can be rented as a whole or we could rent only the lower floor.

As a whole, the description is as follows:

The house is of an area of  480 square meters (ie. 4800 sq.feet). It consists of two floors, of which the upper floor is fully furnished and the lower floor is partially furnished.

In the upper floor, which is of an area of 240 sq. meters,  there is a living-room and dining area, fireplace, a separate kitchen, pantry, W.C.,  a master bedroom with separate wardrobe and bathroom and two more bedrooms sharing one more  bathroom

The lower floor is of an area of 200 sq.meters and consists of a large living-room and dining-room,  with an open plan kitchen, fireplace, four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

There is also a two-car garage.

If rented independently, the ideal option would be to rent only  the lower floor, which is partially furnished, as described above.

please contact:

Mr. Nikos Makris mob: 6944188925

office: 210-9230428

Ms. Marilou Makris mob: 6977593305

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