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We just want to inform you about two new arrivals that have made us really happy and we want to share with you:
*We were very happy to see the new bakery STERGIOU that has opened in Kifisia, near AB super market (Nea Erythrea). We have been customers at STERGIOU in Metamorphosis for ages, we’ve always liked their products which are fresh and tasty, and always at very good prices.
Try them, you will like them!
*A theatre play is the second recommendation, a play for babies (1-4 year-olds). It’s on at MIKRI PORTA theatre from 24/4. This theatre group is one of the best for children and last year they staged the first play for babies called ELA-ELA with great success. It was only pantomime, the play this year is called POY EINAI? and they’ve told us that it’s also pantomime with very few words.
Check their site if you like, it’s also in English.
We know this group very well, as we used to take our kids when they were little and they loved it.
We hope you will enjoy both our suggestions!

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