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“Two Mirrors” by Jeff Bear @ ACS
ACS Athens |

from May 26th to June 12th

Jeff Bear

When I was a student at Faulkner Street Elementary School in NewSmyrna Beach, Florida, I discovered two things: I was an artist. I wantedto teach art. That these revelations were inspired by my art teacher, FaithLee, I record here along with my regret that I never really told her howmuch she meant to my life. I taught myself how to draw and paint; Mrs.Lee taught me how one shares a love of art through teaching.
At the Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, I found that I had a talentfor caricature and cartooning and I also learned how to write. Thenduring four years at Wesleyan University in the 1960’s, I discovered thatsculpture and welding were fun. I worked in metal during the years Itaught and exhibited in Florida before moving to New England.
For the decade that I taught in the greater Boston area, I became moreinterested in photography and painting as I discovered that sculpture wasneither portable nor profitable. The portability requirement became evenmore relevant when I took my first teaching post outside of the U.S.A. in1981.
Actually, Athens, Greece, already had enough sculpture, although TASIS,at that time, needed an art teacher. My first years in Greece were wellspent, since I met my lovely Scottish wife, Chris.
During work and residence in Indonesia, England, Spain and Jordan, mypersonal artwork was mostly photography and drawing. Upon a return to Greece, I entered what I think of as my “doodle period.” Those drawingsfeatured high contrast patterns and whimsical, intricate subjects thatsatisfied some neurotic inner need for minute detail.

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