Twice a stranger :
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The exhibition is about the geatest forced migations and population exchanges of thw 20th century, when millions of people were uprooted and forced to move to new homelands.
Personal testimonies and rare archive footage are combined in multimedia video installations that bring visitors face-to face with the survivors of these traumatic events. Through four themes: history, the journay, home and trauma, the exhibition travels from the Greek-Turkish exchange in 1923 to the German-Pollish forced migration at the end of World War II through the Partition of India and to Cyprus crisis’ in the 1960’w and 1970’s.
These personal testimonies reveal a common experience of lost homelands and communities dissolved: the story of people who always fee; “Twice a Stranger”.

19/09/2012 – 25/11/2012


Benaki Museum


With the support of European Union, Program CultureANEMON Productions, University of Oxford, Benaki Museum, Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia, Istanbul-Bilgi University and Tolle Idee!.In collaboration with Goethe Institut, British Council, Athens Concert Hall, Greek Refugee Council and Centre for Asia Minor Studies.


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