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Top 10 Things to Do on International Museum Day |

Top 10 Things to Do on International Museum Day:
Free entry to museums and ancient sites on May 18 plus a jumbo program that really does have something for everyone



photo: Goulandris Museum of Natural History – Gaia Centre


Greece, a country swarming with cultural institutions could not be missing from the table when the world community of museums celebrates International Museum Day (IMD) on and around May 18, 2016. Apart from free admission to all museums and cultural sites around the country onMay 18, there will be a number of events hosted by the prestigious members of the Hellenic National Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM).   

Thanks to the diversity of regional museums around the country, Greece has nothing to envy from the other 35,000 events taking place in more than 145 countries to celebrate IMD. The international day, set up to raise awareness on the importance of culture, is focused this year on  Museums and Cultural Landscapes”.

Check out just a few highlights from the program with everything from lectures, guided tours, workshops, live music concerts and performances and a smorgasbord of surprises.



photo: Archaeological Museum Guided Tour with our amazing Elli.




The National Archeological Museum (NAM), celebrating its 150-year anniversary,  has a special place in this year’s festivities as the honored museum chosen by ICOM. To celebrate, there will be events held in the museum from May 16 through to May 22, with the highlight on May 18 through a theatrical reading of the 24 rhapsodies of Homer’s Odyssey, translated by Dimitris Maronitis and directed by Nikos Hatzopoulos at “Vomos”, the museum’s main hall. Amid ancient artifacts, the spirit of a marathon Homeric voyage will be conveyed, through acting and musical accompaniment, from 10:00-24:00, in collaboration with the National Theater. A brief interruption to the event from 18:00-20:30 for speeches by NAM’s charismatic Director Maria Lagogianni and archeologist Petros Themelis, culminating with a concert by the ERT National Orchestra in the presence of Culture Minister Aristidis Baltas.

Apart from events on Museum Day, there will  be a free painting workshop inspired by works of the museum (13:00-15:00 on Tuesday, May 17), a presentation on how technology is being used for the preservation of antiquities (12:00-12:30 on May 20), and a guided tour around the impressive buildings surrounding the museum by architect/archeologist Panagiotis Tournikiotis (12:00-14:00 on May 22).

{ INFO: 44 Patission Street, Exarcheia | Tel. (+30) 213.214.4891 }



photo: Guided Tour at the New Acropolis Museum for Families.

(experiencial learning/playing activities for young children)




At the foot of the Acropolis, the impressive museum  turns its gaze to the Parthenon sculptures with a new video featured at the atrium of the Parthenon Gallery. Archeologists will meet with visitors with talks, titled “The history of the Parthenon Sculptures in recent years”, in English at 10:00 and Greek at 12:00, 17:00 and 19:00 on May 18. On the same day, children up to 12 years can join in the stories, games and art activities to learn about the relationship of ancient people with felines and lions in the workshop “Tracing the Lion” (in Greek and English).

European Night of Museums on Saturday, May 21, brings the String Theory Ensemble to the courtyard. On this day, the museum will be open from 08:00 to 24:00 with free entry after 20:00.

{INFO: 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, Athens • Tel. (+30) 210.900.0900. Access: Akropolis Metro Station }



photo: Guided Tour at the Benaki Museum.



The Benaki Museum explores roots and identity through the creative workshop for young people titled  “What is Home?” An apt question, bearing in mind the focus of this year’s IMD that is all about cultural heritage. Artist Christina Nakou guides each person on an artistic route that explores images, thoughts, feelings and a need to belong. From 11:00-14:00 on May 22. The workshop is being held in collaboration with Tandem Europe.

{INFO: Corner of 138 Pireos and Andronikou streets • Tel. (+30) 210.345.3111}



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