Tony Oursler (videoart)
National Museum of Contemporary Art |
Tony Oursler (b.1957) is considered as one of the most important videoartists with a unique style and a large contribution in investigating of the capabilities of the medium. Since the mid 70s he creates works between videoart, performance, sculpture and painting which, either through narrative or through a dramatic staging, approach with an apparent childlike manner and a grotesque humor, subjects of social exclusion and psychological disturbance, often in relation with television technology and culture. He lives and works in New York.

All of the Tony Oursler works in the collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Art is presented in the Media Lounge. More specifically, 6 single channel videos from 1980 to 1992 (The Loner, Grand Mal, Model Release, Par-Schizoid-Position, Test, Tunic (Song for Karen) as well as an interactive CD-Rom titled Fantastic Prayers.

28/01 – 08/03,  EMST (National Museum of Contemporary Art)

17 – 19 Vass. Georgiou & Rigilis str. ,tel. 210-9242111-3

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