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In introduction to the well-known single Me cago en el amor, Tonino Carotone speaks
of paths fraught with hardships, in which people who dislike the rules, yet follow true
human values, have no place.

Antonio de la Cuesta grew up in a district of Pamplona (Spain) listening to the radio
and watching TV, absorbing melodies from performances and television commercials.
While travelling and listening to music of Luis Aguila, Trini Lopez, Peret, Mina,
Rita Pavone, Albano & Romina, Adriano Celentano, he began his fruitful musical career.

After beginning a close collaboration with Manu Chao, Tonino adopted the surname
of Neapolitan artist Renato Carosone, though slightly changed, and the look
of Fred Buscaglione, his two idols.

His compositions are, therefore, a real tribute to the history of Italian music, complete
with mandolin to emphasize the melody. He also honoured songs Tu vuò fà l’americano
(Renato Carosone) and Hawaiiana Sapore di mare, which he converted into an anti-war anthem.

It’s the end of 2008, with the new relase CIAO MORTALI! which again makes powerfully Tonino peeping in Italian music scene. Album participating longtime friends like Manu Chao,
Eugene Hutz
from Gogol Bordello and Bandabardò.

Year 2009 began with a successful series of concerts throughout Italy and abroad
(Spain, Greece, Chile and Argentina). He also hosted the great May Day concert in Rome
at the Piazza of St. John. Together with Bandabardò, he sang Child, a historic song originally performed by Carosone. With summer approaching, Tonino Carotone prepares to captivate the squares and festivals of Italy and beyond, with his fun and irresistible sense of irony…


19 – 25/11

Half Note Jazz Club

17, Trivonianou str. METS,
Monday-Sunday 11.30-19.30: +30 210 9213310
After 20.00: +30 210 9232360

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