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Tomb found in ancient Greek city

Tomb found in ancient Greek city may be linked to Alexander the Great

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Archaeologists in Greece have discovered a vast tomb that they believe is connected with the reign of the warrior-king Alexander the Great, who conquered vast areas of the ancient world between Greece and India.


The tomb, dating to around 300 BC, and which may have held the body of one of Alexander’s generals or a member of his family, was found beneath a huge burial mound near the ancient site of Amphipolis in northern Greece.

Antonis Samaras, Greece’s prime minister, visited the dig Tuesday and described the discovery as “clearly extremely significant.”

A five-yard-wide road led up to the tomb, the entrance of which was flanked by two carved sphinxes and was encircled by a 500-yard-long marble wall. Experts believe a 16ft tall lion sculpture previously discovered nearby would have once been placed on top of the tomb.

They ruled out the possibility that the tomb could be that of Alexander — the emperor is believed to have been buried in Egypt after he is thought to have died of a fever in Babylon in 323BC.

The tomb was found in Greece’s northern Macedonia region, from where Alexander began to forge his empire.

“The land of Macedonia continues to move and surprise us, revealing from deep within its unique treasures, which combine to form the unique mosaic of Greek history of which all Greeks are very proud,” said Mr Samaras…

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