Tiger Lillies Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Badminton Theater |

‘A haunting evening’s entertainment full of ethereal grace.’ **** (The Daily Telegraph)

‘It’s not surprising that their cult following is worldwide – a Tiger Lillies gig is a journey into wild emotion which passes right through melodrama and out the other side into bizarre beauty’ (London Evening Standard)

The cult-creators of the Olivier Award-winning Shockheaded Peterstage another adaptation of a macabre classic as they take Coleridge’s tale of the sinister and supernatural and add a dash of music-hall panache, with stunning visuals by Mark Holthusen.

The band’s flamboyant live performance is enhanced by large-scale virtual sets that create an immersive and highly atmospheric environment. Across 25 songs, the legend of the Ancient Mariner unfolds as uncompromising musical and visual melodrama.

‘The show is a glorious visual cabinet of curiosities that enthrals on all its surreal fronts, a version of madness that matches the lonely voice of Coleridge’s mariner with the sadness of Jacques’ lyrics and music… Unforgettable.’ (The Arts Desk)

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9, 10 & 11/01/15

Badminton Theater

Olympic Properties Goudi,

15773 Athens, tel: +30-211-1086024,

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