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This year the heart of Christmas beats in Kifissia


This year, the heart of Christmas beats in Kifissia. For 33 days in a row the picturesque park of Kifissia will host Froli, the Wishing Elf. A marvellous event with lots of happenings for the entire family for a good cause,as part of the earnings will be donated to the non-profit organisation Make-A- Wish of Greece, in support of its cause.

From December the 5th up until January the 6th, adults and children alike will be entertained, informed, and will get to remember the value of optimism, love and solidarity, in the exceptionally designed Kifissia Grove, according to the style of the French Discipline. Because we need to keep close to each other, today more than ever.




Froli: The grand protagonist


Who is Froli, the Wishing Elf that lent its name to this magnificent Christmas fair? It’s

the fairy tale creation of a real-life story. The story of a boy and a girl that lost each

other for a whopping 50 year span, before the power of love and faith that

everything is possible brought them back together.

Froli therefore comes to recite that life holds unforseen suprises and anything can be

achieved, even our dearest dreams, as long as we believe in the timeless value of love. So,

say “Froli”, and make a wish that’s jolly!



What you will see when you visit Froli’s Park


We’re all frantically working to prepare everything in time. One week before Froli’s Christmas Park officially opens up its gates, we provide ten plus 1 of the numerous

reasons that make it worth visiting:


The village of Chocolate and Candy: It consists of wooden shacks full of candy you can

taste and buy. Children will be able to attend yummy pastry workshops.


Froli’s Magic Train: Adults and children will take a fairy ride around the candy and

chocolate village, the forest and the gardens of the Grove, before finally heading to

Santa’s House.


The Pirate Ship: A 22m long wooden ship in the middle of the Grove will welcome all children

aboard. The pirate actors will offer a spectacular show.


Santa’s House: Santa and the Frolies, the little elves, welcome the children and help

them write the letter with their wishes for the New Year. At the yard outside, a raindeer

sleigh is ready to begin its journey, granting wishes of children from around the world.


Froli’s Christmas Tree: 12m tall, made of hundreds of small myrtles. The

elves will decorate it with thousands of wishes, thus bringing the message of love and




Nativity Scene: In real life size. Twice a day, a team of actors performs the Virgin Birth,

based on the script of and directed by Elisa Solomou.


Skating Rink: Spanning 200 m², the artificial ice skating rink offers the outmost safety to adults and children.


The house of our little pet friend: Informational happenings and small stores. In this

space you’ll be able to learn and purchase everything our little pet friends need.


The house of Traffic Education: Educational workshops, in which children learn the

rules of traffic and how important it is for everyone to respect these rules.


The Recycling Amusement Park: Children valuate the importance of recycling through

play, making use of defective Christmas ornaments.


The two wishing ponds: Adults and children will make their wish, and they’ll also be able to obtain the Star of their Wish, supporting the cause of the “Make A Wish” foundation.


In all the above, you may add the Christmas Marketplace, the Elf Palace, the House of Tea, and plenty more surprises that will soon be announced.



froliunnamed-0smallEvent Identity Froli, the Wishing Elf

Where: At the Kifissia Grove, 25.000 m 2 of Christmas town

When: From December the 5th up to January the 6th

Opening hours: From 10:00 up until 22:00

Admission: Free, with low fees for some of the thematic happenings

Promotion and contact: Vasso Sotiriou

Phone reservations: School reservations daily, to arrange attendance on specific dates, by phone on 210 8660124, 6988340521, -526

Organisation, Production and Diligence: DFM Special Events

Thematic happening for Christmas: Jingle Spells

We believe that all Media need to support this event, as it is the most beautiful event a child can attend to, and even more important, because part of its earnings will be donated in support of Make-A- Wish of Greece.


Strongly Supported s by”LIVIN’ and LOVIN’ it in GREECE”


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