Think of Caritas Voula!

Caritas Voula is not getting many donations of clothes or other items and books. These donations are used to support the work of Caritas Voula. To that effect we are sending out this notice.

Caritas Voula urgently require all donations of used clothing, shoes and small household items ( in good condition) for their work with the poor and homeless . We are open every Wed from 9:30-1:00 to accept stuff or contact Anna Tsingos 697 351 6470 to arrange pickup or delivery.  We are located at the Catholic Church at K.Karamanlis 77 & Dafnis 1, Voula(opposite Sea and City on the sea road)
So, what happens to the ‘stuff’ once donated?? A group of volunteers inspects the donations and either they are prepared for our monthly Bazaars or are donated to one of several charities like Mother Teresa or Reto. Also, some of the cloths are put out weekly for the homeless who are offered a warm meal and some groceries on Wednesdays. The proceeds from the Bazaar are used in supporting the poor, homeless or housebound in the Voula area.
Many Thanks

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  1. admin says:

    please call 210 8958694 or Anna on 6973 516470 of CARITAS VOULA

  2. Christene says:

    Good afternoon,

    I would like to volunteer and offer any assistance I can to the less fortunate through Caritas Voula. If additional help is required, kindly give me a contact telephone number and person that I can contact.

    Thank you,

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