Theofylaktopoulos. Matter Vicissitudes
Benaki museum Pireos str. |

Painting 1960-2010

The Makis Theofylaktopoulos retrospective presents, for the very first time, pieces from the entirety of his artistic progress, from 1965 to the present day.
The works, oils and drawings, are drawn from all the various periods of his artistic output: the first period when he created unconventional pieces in the nineteen sixties, the motorcyclists and human figures from the seventies, the form-shaping compositional investigations of the eighties, the intense adventure of shape and matter in the major series – “the human outline” of the past few decades.
Theofylaktopoulos is an independent artist, one of the pioneers of the seventies generation, whose output is an anthropocentric form of painting, which is steadily oriented to exercising and renewing his artistic imprint, adventurous and bold in expression.

Exhibition curator: Yiota Konstantatou
Exhibition design: Loretta Gaïtis-Charrat

to 05/12/10

Benaki Museum, Pireos Street Annexe

138 Pireos street

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