Theodore: “It Is But It’s Not”
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Theodore’s debut album was recorded in 2011, produced and mixed by English producer Clive Martin and Greek artist Vassilikos. Until the completion of the album, several studios hosted the recordings, from Paraktio studio in Athens , with the help of engineer and producer G.Simatos, to Assault and Battery 2 studio in London as well as Theodore’s flat.

Its musical aesthetic was influenced by the British alternative rock music scene, post –rock and ambient bands, presenting instances of classical and romantic music, minimal piano, various electroacoustic elements and theatrical oriented melodies throughout the album. Theodore was inspired from a range of feelings derived from childhood sweethearts to deep philosophical quests embodying them in a major artistic attempt that combines music and theatre, visual and acoustic stimuli.

Darkness and light alternating in each song as a refined outcome of Theodore’s living between mysterious, romantic, dark London and colorful Athens are contrasting remarkably when it comes to an ethereal melody leading to strong sound explosions. Lyrical classical instruments, the use of a string quartet and brass section meet sharp and chaotic sounds of drums and guitars that in combination with deep vocals are shaping a rather peculiar, pretty interesting piece of music.
Theodore- vocals, piano, guitars, synthesizers, arrangements.
Vassilikos – guitars, mandolin, synthesizers, backing vocals
Stefanos Zakopoulos – drums
Ilias Pantazis – bass
Andy Tsibouktsoglou – guitar
Elena Shalenkova- violin
Irina Shalenkova- violin
Davinder Singh- violin
Kostas Karaboulat- viola
Nina Poskin- viola
Matthew Panagiotopoulos-Cello
Marina Kislitsina- Cello
Andonis Andreou Trombone
Manos Theodosakis- Trumpet



17 June 2014/21:00

General admission: € 7
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General admission: € 9
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