Theatrical play “DASKALOGIANNIS”, with Nikos Verlekis
City of Athens |

In the 18th century, the century of Enlightment, where, through the spread of the knowledge that was promoted by the encyclopaedists, rationalism prevailed, just as  the condemnation of authority and social injustice, the awakening of the human spirit, a boy is born in Anopoli Sfakia, in Crete. It is a “kopeli” (boy) who will become the first great revolutionary and hero-martyr of Crete at the dark period of Turkish occupation.  Giannis Vlahos was nicknamed Daskalogiannis for his knowledge and experience he had gain in his journeys and his contact with expatriates that lived and excelled in Europe. He himself was the owner of four transit ships which dominated the seas, was considered fortunate for his wealth, his initiatives, the ideas, his prestige and his social position. For him, privileges and distinctions had no meaning since Crete remained enslaved to the Turks. So, as time went by, he felt that freedom was an essential condition for the prosperity of each land. After the aid provided by Russia, who proved to have ulterior motives, on April 1770 he organizes the first uprising-revolt in Crete against the Turkish conquerors and rose to prominence as a hero and martyr of the concept of freedom.

  • Directed by: Telemahos Moudatsakis
  • Scenography by: Kostas Christides
  • Costume Design by: Telemahos Moudatsakis
  • Music Supervision by: Kyriaki Trihaki


  • Nikos Verlekis
  • Noni Ioannidou
  • Tasos Polychronopoulos
  • Demetris Vogiatzis
  • Antonis Siopkas
  • Argyris Sazaklis
  • Stathis Gatsis
  • Lina Kousteni
  • Alexandros Zahareas

Free Admission
Contact information: 1595, 210 3621601, 210 3630706

19/07/2010 – 21:00

Place: Attiko Alsos Theatre
Address: Entrance from Karpenisioti st, Attiko Alsos

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