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Dearest friends,
We are planning an event that has been our dream for a long time and now we are realizing it with your help, hopefully!

We want to take you to the theatre! Yes, a Greek theatre play, IN GREEK!!!! This is  something that we have already done once with great success, It was in Epidavros last summer. Seeing that the ones who came were thrilled and because we want to familiarize you with the Greek culture and, more specifically, the modern Greek literature and theatre, we want to take you to a play based on a book written by a contemporary Greek author. This ambitious plan will require some preparation, of course. We will give you the book to read (it has been translated into English and French), we could meet beforehand and talk about it and then we will go and see the performance!

How about it? We are absolutely THRILLED!!!

Dearest girls,
A brief note to tell you about the theatre. The last day that we can go is Sunday the 30th at 20.00, because after that the repertoire is changing. Therefore let me know soon in order to arrange. The ticket costs 20 euros, but we will try and get a better price, depending on how many of us will be there.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Contact us if you want to join

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