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The Wagon Project by TEDxAthens

The Wagon Project by TEDxAthens – Movements Move

A mobile platform spreading ideas, knowledge and best practices in Greece

The road so far.
Since its early days, TEDxAthens identified the need for action oriented initiatives that provide an actual tangible footprint in our society. Projects that will be able to benefit a wide range of communities and civil society groups under a common goal with an broader social scope.

The evolution of this need led to the creation of “TEDxAthens Challenge” in 2011, a project seeking to support the growth of innovative and disruptive educational initiatives, by mobilizing the community of TEDxAthens and its partners. Throughout Greece, 153 projects were submitted and posted online for ballot. Three of them were chosen and presented at the main stage of the TEDxAthens 2011 Conference.

The following year, the “Human Grid” project was launched. A Google Map Mashup, which introduced an online directory of active NGOs and civil society groups in Greece. In 2013, Human Grid run and published the first national public opinion survey on volunteerism since 2003. Today, its database includes more than 230 organizations from all over the country. It has been massively featured and referenced by domestic and international media publications such as The Guardian, The Huffington Post, The Official TED Blog and eKathimerini.

The birth of “The Wagon”.
Over the years, it has become clear that compared to Athens, the rest of Greece is less engaged when it comes to volunteerism and social initiatives. The much-needed capacity building programs and comprehensive knowledge will hardly reach groups and organizations far off the city centers, either because of geographic distance or simply because of limited access to information and resources.

Moreover, research conducted by the Human Grid suggests that only 15% of Greeks have been involved in volunteerism, largely due to lack of information regarding volunteer initiatives. The latter is further supported by national evidence suggesting that only 6 out of 10 Greeks have access to internet connection.

Our next project seeks to address these problems. We aim to create a mobile platform, in the form of a wagon, to spread the essence of volunteerism and solidarity to local communities and at the same time, share valuable knowledge and know-how to local NGOs and volunteer organizations, all over Greece. The Wagon Project will be a facilitation point to host networking and capacity building events as well as community-driven actions around the country. It will host a swapping library and serve as a high-end educational multimedia spot. Finally, this project can facilitate our efforts to meet new NGO’s for our Human Grid mapping initiative.

The Wagon Project will take the best of human capital in Greece, and spread it all over the country. Because where we are going, defines who we are.

So far we have one supporter and believer, and he donated the Wagon!

With your help The Wagon Project can begin its quest in 2015 and travel to six faraway destinations.

Activities and Missions Program.
The exact schedule of The Wagon for each trip/mission will be tailored according to the needs of the area that will be visited, following communication with local stakeholders and volunteer organizations.

Inter alia, the main schedule will include activities such as the following:

“TEDx Screenings”. Special evenings offering screenings of selected TED Talks for a specified number of participants.
“Share your practice Workshops”. Live, interactive educational programs and workshops aimed at transferring best practices and knowledge for local NGO’s and volunteer organizations.
“Human Grid Access Point”. An information centre for local volunteer initiatives, a point of access to the Human Grid map and research, and a place for mapping volunteer activities.
“Swapping Library” free of charge and open to the public.
“Kids’ *Alana*” for our little friends, a place to relive forgotten but beloved educational group games and experiences.
All activities will be entirely free of charge.

Q: What are The Wagon Project’s next steps?

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