The Unkwown Neighbours of Next Door (updated:3/6)
Michael Cacoyannis Foundation |

Painting Exhibition by Pantelis Psaras

Pantelis Psaras gets inspired from refugees’ stories and presents, through twenty five artworks and a video installation, a visual arts exhibition in Michael Cacoyannis Foundation from 16th to 30th June 2011


“When a tree is eradicated, you are in pain.
But when a child is being eradicated
from it’s mother’s arms
a mother from her family,
a family from it’s village,
a village from it’s homeland
and all the above in a violent, barbarian way,
then the pain is obviously big
and this kind of situation can’t let you unmoved.

You see the sadness the precariousness the question marks in the faces and the eyes of the refugees who come from the regions of Western and Northern Africa. People who were uprooted from their homes without their will, persecuted from conflict factions, in a precarious journey, a journey to the unknown.

The faces, the souls of these refugees and immigrants live today with us, they live next to us, they are “The Unknown neighbors of next door”.

Their lives and their problems keenly aware me and started to move me in order to imprint them on the canvas, in that way at least I may get to know them better.

Besides, I myself, as the majority of Greeks, come from refugee families, and this is the reason why it is our duty to stand by this social issue not with racism but with positive thought and love.

From Monday 16 to Wednesday 25 May 2011

Address: Piraeus 206, Tavros, Athens
Information +30 210-341855

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