The Tiger Lillies
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Cult London 3 piece The Tiger Lillies play a twisted fusion of pre-war Berlin cabaret and avant garde music hall in deranged anarchic gypsy style.. with such a unique sound, audiences around the world are both delighted and shocked by their darkly comedic and deranged songs covering controversial subjects such as blasphemy and bestiality, rape, murder, lowlifes and whores with unashamed theatrics and wit.

The Trio are fronted by singer Martyn Jacques who trained himself as an opera singer with a castrati style voice of heartbreaking beauty, whilst living alone above a strip joint in Soho for seven years. Accompanied by drummer Adrian Huge, whose appearance was described by David Byrne as James Joyce on drums, and who must doubtlessly be one if not the most famous drummer to frequently exchange his drumsticks in favour of rubber chickens and toy babies, and double bass / musical saw player Adrian Stout. Jacques plays accordion as he sings savage and passionate songs about the darkest side of human nature, his voice soaring and growling like a man possessed

As well as touring the world with material from their own 16 album repertoire, the band are also busy performing musical collaborations such as The Mountains of Madness, their first work with electronic sounds, featuring Alexander Hacke, the electronics alchemist of German noise terrorists Einst..rzende Neubauten, The Little MatchGirl based on the Hans Christien Andersen tale and Die Weberischen written with Felix Mitterer as part of the Mozart anniversary year. The Tiger Lillies received huge critical acclaim for their work on Shockheaded Peter which they both performed and adapted.


05 – 10/07

Badminton’s  “Musical Courtyard” (Mousiko Proavlio)

Alsos Stratou, GOUDI

nearest metro station: Katehaki

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