Greek National Opera |

Choreography Ray Barra
Music (extracts) Alexander Glazunov

Satan celebrates because he has constructed a magic mirror which shrinks all well and magnifies all evil. Satan turns the mirror onto people, but when he tries to affect God, his mirror shatters into million pieces.
In a city there are two neighboring houses that are joined by a climbing rosebush. Gerda and Kay, two fraternal friends, live there. A summer day they play with their friends. Left alone, they seal their friendship with a rose. The rose comes alive, and the two children are enchanted by its beauty. Suddenly, a fragment of the evil mirror enters Kay’s eye and penetrates his heart. Gripped by Satan, Kay attacks Gerda and his friends. The Snow Queen arrives. Immediately Kay is fascinated by her cold beauty and strength, and follows her to her kingdom.
Alone with her grandmother, Gerda misses her boyfriend. When her grandmother falls asleep, the Rose appears and shows her the way. A black bird leads Gerda to a palace where a young prince looks a lot like Kay. The prince is sleeping next to a princess. When Gerda awakens the couple she realizes her illusion. Once Gerda arrives in a forest, she is surrounded by bandits. Gerda and the chief’s wife go to sleep, while the bandits have a feast. Then a pigeon whispers to Gerda that Kay can be found in Snow Queen’s palace. The chief’s wife calls a reindeer, which carries Gerda to the northern palace.
Kay is charmed by the beauty of the Snow Country. Angels help Gerda to enter the palace. Finally she meets Kay, but he remains motionless and frozen. Gerda begins to cry, and her tears reach his heart and melt the ice. The two children reunite and return to the warmth of their place where families and friends await them.

Conductor Hobart Earle
Sets – Costumes Tota Pritsa
Lighting Ray Barra, Tota Pritsa

The Greek National Opera Orchestra

Gerda Natasha Siouta, Stavroula Kambouraki
Kai Danilo Zeka, Alexander Neskov
The Snow Queen Maria Kousouni-Fika, Stavroula Kambouraki
Rose Alina Stergianou, Maria Kousouni-Fika
Rose Cavaliers Igor Siatsko, Yorgos Varvariotis, Vangelis Bikos
The Devil Emilia Gaspari

With the Principal Dancers, the Coryphees
and the Corps de Ballet of the GNO Ballet

Tickets go on sale October 31!
From the OLYMPIA THEATER box office, 59-61 Academias, Athens / Daily 9.00–21.00
Reservations 210 3662 100, 210 3612 461, 210 3643 725

Tickets online

21 November / 11, 12, 17, 18, 24, 26, 31 December 2010 / 5 January 2011

Starts 20.00


 59-61 Academias, Athens

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