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Bring your family.* Bring your friends.

As President of Athens WING, I invite you to join us at the Athens Hilton for an event that is my personal thank you to Greece as five years ago, I brought my daughter to this country and left the comfort of my American trappings to call an unknown country my new home. The majority of Greek people took me into their bosoms and cared for me like one of their own—until recently, Greeks could afford to do this. The wave of negative media, the economic policy changes and the resulting unemployment, hunger and homelessness is unacceptable; and as a result, I was prompted to action. The global community should know that Greece still has great things to offer and the local community can embrace, develop and export these things:

1)     Sustainable community models—ideally the Greek village

2)     Amazing food for one’s health and the health of a country

3)     And innovative employment models by amazing female entrepreneurs

Athens WING’s new goal was to create ‘impact’ beyond meetings. This event is our solution.

We invited TED Speaker and one of Goldman Sachs Top 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2012 and urban revitalization strategist, Ms. Majora Carter, to speak alongside Greek-based women and men who have single-handedly changed their communities! Her inspiration is one you don’t want to miss. Our goal is to have Ms. Carter inspire you, but to take with her, via her speeches and global presentations, the essence of what is truly Greece and the goodness of its ethnography!

We invite you to welcome her and to, literally, come and ‘taste’ a momentum of change that is happening throughout Greece on Sunday, June 2nd at the Athens Hilton!  

  • Food lessons by TrooFoodLiberation
  • Acorn cookies by The Acorn Project’s, Ms. Marcie Mayer
  • And take home ‘A seed of Change’ by Mr. Alex Ikonomidis

Ideas on how to create sustainable communities and employment in a time of crisis/Thinking Globally and Acting Locally:

  • Majora Carter — Greening the South Bronx
  • Alexandra Tsiandi – Female Farmers
  • Alice Corovessi – Building Greece’s first Zero Energy community
  • Aris Kefalogiannis – Building Greece’s global presence through taste

Kalimera Papadakis  – Teen documentary producer on homelessness in Athens – will join us to give us some insight on what youth see as answer to help reverse the economic crisis. Our half-time speaker Emily Carlsson will shed some light on what you are drinking!

And that’s not all, afterwards we’ll have the brilliant up and coming singer/songwriter Katerina Polemi’s  performance!  

*ages 10 and over (unless extremely mature and well-attentive)

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