The Meet Market – “Technopolis” City of Athens
The Meet Market |

We are back this February, at our classic homely venue of «Technopolis», both inside and outside, with over 120 stalls!  Come join us for Meet Market #69, which also happens to fall on Valentine’s Day, for a super sensual celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit.  As always, we will have a non-stop dj lineup to keep our booties shaking, and our interactive game at the central tameio, for all to come and win free prizes.


Whether you’re single or divorced, whether you’ve just broken up or you’re falling in love, whether you’re married with children (in fact, if you are, bring your kids for our interactive children’s games with the “Firefly Team”, “Babyfeat” & “Panigyraki” through the weekend)!…whatever your status, theres something for everyone in this February’s love fest of creativity.


The Meet Market: A 2-day celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit… A nomadic market place of local goods, fresh ideas and friendly folk. An audio-visual jigsaw of handmade & independently designed clothes, accessories, art, objects, organic body products, home ware, tasty food, vintage & retro collectables, records, interactive games, free prizes, dj sets and good vibes

The Meet Market – «Technopolis» City of Athens

Μηχανουργείο Hall & Outdoor Yard

Saturday 14 & Sunday 15, February 2015

13:00 – 23:00 each day

Peiraios 100, Gazi 11854


Hand-Designer Clothes:

Cocktail Jane, Cruel Candy, Electricity, Eleni Aroni, Eri de sign, He_m_n_oid, Illusion RT, Inky, Joycard Concept, Kat Ina & Razzmatazz (Designer Sup), koubi, Lora & Elen meet Καλά Μπλεξίματα, Love cuts, Mamado, Mememe, OR handmade, Teever, Thaumatrope, Xana, Yoki Attitudes


Shoes, Bags & Accessories:

Charm by Penny Chrisitidi, Clothbot, Convert Art, Δημιουργίες στο Μετάξι-Μπουρουλίτη, Elgreco, Joanna Misseli, Κορνηλία Πανταζή, Lifelike’s Creations, Μa li ya, Majo, ο ψύλλος – 0.05 / Maniki / λόλα.βλαστού, Queen Bee, To Baloma, Ugly Bell, Χαρά και Γία Μπουζάκη, zdrop


Babies, Toddlers & Little People:

BabyFeat, elli & paul, Pen., Things to Love, To Pitsiriki



2π, Alanima, Art7702, Cat Black, Clockwork Rebels, Dimitra Kassapidi, Dimitra Mavrikou, Drama Queen, Elsa Sarantidou, Emy Χειροποίητες Δημιουργίες, j.a.m., Just for You by Eleni Tsap, klohandmade, Konstantina Plati, Lazy Penguin, Mother Nature Jewels, Sol*full, So this n’ that , Sophia Koutsoukou, Staf&loi, Τζιφοπούλου Σοφία


Vintage & Retro:

D.Stock Place, Elvitex – The New Vintage People, Holy Mustache, Lav Unused, Like Yesterday’s, M.Kfashion, Panagiota Karaba, TRASH-Vintage Clothing, Vaso Voulgari


Beat Market:

Beat Quick, To Diskadiko


Mind, Body and Soul:

αθός workshop, Από το συρτάρι της γιαγιάς, bee natur alles, Ελαιώνας του Ήλιου, Elen Soap – ΦΩΣ ΗΔΩΡ, Indie Scent, όμπρα, Sabater Hermanos, Virgin Cosmetics


Art, Books, Photography & Prints:

Atrapos, Birds & Lofts by Myrsini Maneta, Coocoovaya, Countryside, Industrial Gas Museum Shop, Irorama, Jazz Illusions, σημείο χ., The Greener Pastures, xrisima dwra, YAZ


Objects, Furniture & Home Deco:

A.telio!, atermono, Little Rocks, LOOP Upcycle, Masouricrafts, mathilda, Ouph, Pots&Plants by b2mt, The soul of Wood, Tifi, Think Bricks, Wood Wizard, xyloveida, vfartandesign, Vinylize


Mmmm… Food:

Alternative Trade Network, AMANITA, ΑΡΙΣΤΕΟΣ, Chocolart, Ελληνικό Φυστικοβούτυρο Θρακής, e- utopia, Kantina Mexicana, Karpos Company, Koutalitses, Luke the Duke, Meliartos, Παστέλι Κέας, sweetmoments.gr



cd mixes, pins, posters, grand raffle prize, UBER rides and more!!!


DJ Lineup

Saturday 14/02/15

13:00 – 15:00: Santoner RPZ

15:00 – 17:00: Miss Shy

17:00 – 19:00: Afrogirl

19:00 – 21:00: Mr Sasso

21:00 – 23:00: Luxotica Lounge


Sunday 15/02/15

13:00 – 15:00: DJ Booth

15:00 – 17:00: Σοβαρός Πιγκουίνος

17:00 – 18:30: Alex O’ Right

18:30 – 19:00: J Melik – presenting his new album “Beat Treat”

19:00 – 21:00: Winjer

21:00 – 23:00: Trelandjas Mixer

For the Kids:

-“Έφτασαν οι μέρες του χρόνου,

που τα πλάσματα της αποκριάς όλου του κόσμου,

πολύχρωμα, αστεία και παράξενα, νεραιδένια, με μαγικές δυνάμεις και ξωτικίσιες φωνές,θα συναντηθούν για να χορέψουν το γαιτανάκι και να ενωθούν”

Μυστική λέξη: Ομάδα Πυγολαμπίδες

Σάββατο και Κυριακή από τις 14:00 έως τις 18:00

– Εργαστήρι κατασκευής κούκλα Κυρά Σαρακοστή από ανακυκλώσιμα υλικά BabyFeat. Η παράδοση συναντά την ανακύκλωση για όλους, την Κυριακή 15/2 13:00-15:00


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