The handover ceremony of the Olympic flame

The handover ceremony of the Olympic flame, regarding the XXII Olympic Winter Games & the XI Paraolympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi, will take place at Panathenaic stadium in Athens, on October 5th following the lighting ceremony in Ancient Olympia, on September 29th.

photo source: official Panathenaic Stadium website

As a result of that, some main roads are going to be closed on Saturday October 5th, from 14:00 till the end of the ceremony:

* Vassileos Konstantinou ave, (both lanes)

* Arditou str (both lanes)

* part of  Eratosthenous str,

* Stadiou sq.

and from 16:00 to the end of the ceremony no vehicles will be allowed on:

* Herodou Attikou

* part of Vassileos Konstantinou B’

* Isiodou

* Rigillis

* Vassilisis Olgas direction to Panathinaic stadium



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