The Friends of MERIMNA’s Annual “Big Bazaar”
The Friends of MERIMNA’s
Annual “Big Bazaar” GARAGE SALE – ANTIQUES
Furniture, large and small, antique and modern
As well as household objects both new and old
Friday 30th March – Saturday 31st March
(10:00am – 19:00pm)
Sunday 1st April
(10:00am – 17:00pm)
at Thisseion Lofts, Piraeus str. 123 (Kerameikos Metro Station)
In Aid of
MERIMNA’S Paediatric Palliative Home Care
for children and adolescents is unique in Greece. This service gives
children, at the last stage of their illness, the choice to remain at home
with their families, while being supported by specially trained doctors,
nurses and psychologists who attend to their needs and support the
family members involved. Merimna is acting in collaboration with the
Paediatric Hospital “P. & A. Aglaia Kyriakou”.
Merimna’s services are free of charge thanks to our team of volunteers
and all the people who support its work
Εταιρία για τη Φροντίδα Παιδιών και Οικογενειών
στην Αρρώστια και το Θάνατο
Παπανικολή 2α, 152 32 Σίδερα Χαλανδρίου
Τ: 2106842833, F: 2106452338

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