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 by Becki Enright, British Travel Press Awards 2013


Before the crisis, you wouldn’t have seen governmental, private and public bodies working together. Now they are, and you can also see a variety of collaborations around the city. It’s been a wake up call in how people can work together to rebuild a city slowly emerging after the economic crisis – something Eftichios Vassilakis, the Vice President of Aegean Airlines, touched upon at a recent press conference in Athens.

One of the greatest things about the city of Athens, while still in crisis recovery, is that it is a constant state of artistic and cultural rejuvenation. People are working together more than ever before, creative minds are formulating new business ideas and ventures, and the emergence of new cultural space is growing.

What better time to visit a wounded city than when its people are mending it and turning it into a thriving, adapting and fast-changing destination.

I met a few entrepreneurs on my last visit to Athens in June who had set up businesses to aid tourism growth, but on my recent visit as part of my ‘I’m An Athenian’ ambassadorship programme with, I got an insight into the growing trend of cultural ‘co-working’ spaces, new business initiatives and the dedication locals have to community regeneration…

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