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We thought that we should FLY back!
Therefore we are going to Elefsina to see one of Aristophane’s most popular comedies,





 The play is on at the old oil factory (Eleourgion) of Elefsina on the 16/9 at 20.30.

The tickets cost 15 euros p/p, 12 for children.

To book your tickets on line, click on:

(you will receive them outside the theater after showing your id/passport)

We should be there early enough to find good seats as they are not numbered.

The play is in Greek, but if you like we can provide you with the play in comic in English or also read it all together, (as we did with the Epidavros event), before we go.

Let’s welcome the new season with a laugh!,
Please let us know in due time to plan the cars, comics, etc


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