The Bacchae by Euripides
Athens & Epidavros Festival 2014 |

Theatro Domatiou – Angela Brouskou

The Bacchae by Euripides

G. Chimonas

Direction- costume
A. Brouskou

Assistant director
Ch. Papadopoulou

Music – sound designer
D. Kamarotos

Choreographer- motion
H. Malkotsis

Lighting designer
N. Vlasopoulos

Video artist- photographer

S. Litinas
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Thy wisdom is no wisdom… A god in human form establishes his cult in Thebes. Announcing himself–“Lo! I Dionysus son of Zeus am come to this land of Thebes”–he will exact vengeance on the royal family of his mother, Semele, who would not believe she bore the son of Zeus. Nature competes reason and the religious experience of the bakkheia evolves into a ritualistic rending and devouring of raw flesh, an allusion to the cycle of death and rebirth.

Armed with a powerful cast and a willingness to take directorial risks, Angela Brouskou takes on the Bacchae (405 BC) in Giorgos Cheimonas’ translation. The adversaries, Dionysus and Pentheas, are played respectively by Aglaia Pappa and Aristeidis Servetalis.

The performance is presented in Greek, with english surtitles

Should you decide to go to the Theatre by using the Intercity Bus you will just have to pay 10,00€. Here you can fill in the respective form

8-9 August, 21:00Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus 

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