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The Athens Half Marathon is an event co-organized yearly by the Hellenic Athletics Federation (SEGAS) and the City of Athens. The Athens Half Marathon was organized for the first time in 2012 (with about 3,500 runners at that time) and this year it will be held for fifth time on 20 March 2016 with more than 20,000 participants.


From 2016 and on, the Athens Half Marathon will be always held on the 3rd Sunday of March, in the dawn of the Greek sping. The main concept of the Athens Half Marathon event is to attract the interest of the thousands of experience runners in Greece and abroad that are ready to run a Half Marathon race, as well as of the novice who would just want to experience what being part of such a popular running event means, participating in the 5km or 3km Road Races.


The ultimate target of the event’s Organizing Committee is to turn the Athens Half Marathon into a global, unique sport event with strong cultural, entertaining and youthful character, so appealing to the young people around Europe and the rest of the world that would choose to make the most out of their “spring break” tasting the amazing Mediterranean cuisine, enjoying the sun, the sea and the beauties of Greece, experiencing the culture, the history and intense life of Athens, along with their participation  in a popular running event in the center of one of the most historical cities on earth.


The Athens Half Marathon is a full member of AIMS (International Association of Marathon Races and Distance Running) which is seated in Athens, and it is being organized under the auspices of the National Greek Tourism Organization branded through the trademark GREECE.


The Athens Half Marathon event includes three (3) different races with timing services and one (1) more with no timing services for athletes with disabilities and athletes of Special Olympics.




For detailed info click on:

(1) Half Marathon Race (21,100m.)


(3) 3km Road Race WIND (& Family Run)

(4) 1000m Race (for athletes with disabilities and athletes of Special Olympics)


All the Athens Half Marathon Races start and finish in the heart of Athens, at Syntagma Square, in front of the Greek Parliament, running different courses in the historic city centre and passing by the main attractions of the city. All road races are held on secured and safe roads (see the relevant Maps), with the assistance of the Hellenic Police and of thousands of volunteers who offer their valuable services through the Volunteers Program of SEGAS, in which a significant number of volunteering organization participates, such as the Volunteers Samaritans Rescuers and Lifeguards Corp of Hellenic Red Cross, the Radio Amateur Association of Greece, RSF Hellas, the Voluntary Rescue Crisis Group, the Volunteers groups “ATHENS 2004 Continuers” and “Ethelousioi – Sport and Culture Volunteers”


BMW and the Hellenic Airlines AEGEAN are the Major Sponsors of the Athens Half Marathon event, while it is broadcasted live by the National Television (ERT) and it is supported by all the Grand Sponsors, the Official Sponsors and Supporters of SEGAS as well as its Media Sponsors and State Partners, which contribute a lot in the promotion and staging of the event.


read more: athenshalfmarathon.gr

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