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Where does something end and where does it begin? How can an end boost inspiration and how does a beginning make an end? Where do we start from and how many are the ends and beginnings in a human’s lifetime? This year we will explore the powerful circle between the end and the beginning and the moving force created when combined almost in every aspect of our life. A best selling author, an inspirational teacher and a historical figure from the design industry, among other speakers, will help us better understand what ends and beginnings mean to us. Our guests will share ideas, personal stories and experiences to showcase the ever-evolving relationship between new starts and endings. We’ll have the chance to follow a young photographer’s strenuous efforts to understand the worlds of pornography and trafficking, and help young people make a new start in their lives, while a social entrepreneur will show how he decided to make a new beginning and flourish in a country miles away from his birthplace. Having experienced in our very own lives profound change through ends and beginnings over the recent years, this year at TEDxThessaloniki, we felt the need to put together and showcase on stage people who have managed to master this powerful interconnection between several starting and ending points*.

*The theme of TEDxThessaloniki 2014 is inspired by and built around T.S. Eliot’s quote “What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”

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